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19th Jan 2012, 21:24
Hey all! It's been several months since I've hung out around these forums. Anyway, as some may recall, I had started up a thread about Tomb Raider's music and a little cover I had made of the main theme.

Well, I had been reading the awesome Tomb Raider comics that were made by Top Cow and I just finished reading, "The Trap" storyline. Which follows Lara's adventures in Tibet. That got me to thinking, since I have a lot better music gear now, why not make a tribute to Lara that is familiar, yet distinctly my own? So, I returned to the classic TR theme, but this time I composed many originals parts and put a Chinese spin on the theme. The goal was to make it feel like an adventure movie film score that would fit with Lara Croft's Tibetan adventures.

You can listen to it here http://soundcloud.com/angelcityoutlaw/lara-croft-the-path-of-the

I also hope to make a youtube slideshow of Tomb Raider featuring the track. It could be a real sweet tribute to the franchise. So, what would your suggestions for such a project be? Do you have any of your own pictures/memorabilia you would want to share? Feel free to tell me about here, tweet it at me or something!

I'm also submitting the tune to the popular video game music appreciation site, OCReMix. Which only has 1 Tomb Raider mix! So if my track gets approved, that could possibly help give the Tomb Raider music some more recognition and hopefully get at least a few more people pumped up for the new game!

So please, share with me any thoughts you have! I also have a question for you all which I feel could lead to some good discussion. It's probably been asked before but,

Out of all of Lara's adventures, in all the Tomb Raider media, which one speaks to YOU the most and why? Have you been to some of the places around the world she has visited? What did you think of the real life location?

19th Jan 2012, 23:52
Wow, that was awesome. It does sound quite Oriental while retaining the fantastic tune we've all known and loved over the last 15 years. Really, great work you've got here -- fingers crossed you'll get it featured on OCRemix. :)

20th Jan 2012, 01:24
Glad you enjoyed it!

27th Jan 2012, 21:33
Now on youtube


28th Jan 2012, 22:40
Any chance of sharing it in MP3 format? :)