View Full Version : Help with "River Runs Red"

18th Jan 2012, 03:43
Greetings all!

Playing through the PS3 version on Hardcore difficulty, and I swear this faction mission is impossible.
I jump in to use the mounted gun, but when I shoot, the mounted gun just spins endlessly without firing - or sometimes it'll just shoot in short bursts. So I'm basically screwed when the first helicopter comes around; by luck I've managed to get it down a few times, but then it's goodnight Rico when the second one appears immediately after.
I've tried holding the fire button, or pressing it once and then holding in quick succession (which seems to be the only way to get it to fire bullets) but I can't get any continuous response.

So I was wondering if anyone could offer any pointers/tips/the proper way to use mounted guns (because I'm positive I must be doing it wrong.)

Thanks :)

Frag Maniac
18th Jan 2012, 20:01
Don't know how you'd expect any of us to give advice when it appears to be a glitch specific to the PS3, but maybe if you try reloading the last checkpoint, replaying the whole mission, or even making sure your PS3 isn't overheating it will perhaps correct itself.

19th Jan 2012, 13:31
Perhaps your controller is a bit messed? My controller's button which throws the grenade wouldn't work. Solution! - Grenade launcher!.

Or you could just try to keep on going through and through, by the sound of things you almost had it down, as in you almost done it a few times, just keep trying i guess, it seems more like a specific glitch to me...

29th Jan 2012, 19:37
You could also try to grapplehook and highjack the helicopter, when there is no enemy in it anymore, it also counts as defeated.