View Full Version : Deus Ex Go Launcher for Android phones? & Other PHONE Apps

16th Jan 2012, 17:15
What happened to the Deus Ex Human Revolution Android Go Launcher replacement? I paid $1.01 for it, used it for almost a year, and then when I got my phone replaced and searched for it under Android Market, it isn't there anymore! The weird thing is, the QR link is still available below, but scanning the QR code doesn't get me anywhere in the Market.


20th Jan 2012, 17:29
Four days and no replies? Sorry for bump, but I'd really like to know. Aren't you guys Android users too? Would make sense, considering Deus Ex is a game about forward thinking technology...

More importantly, I'd like information from an official related to Deus Ex about the application. I'm really bummed that it went. It was probably one of the best GO Launcher replacements ever made.

20th Jan 2012, 23:38
I have an N8, and I recently saw on the internet that eidos made phone themes for android and, I think, iPhone. I would really like an awesome HR theme for my phone.

21st Jan 2012, 01:57
I wouldn't mind a theme for Windows Phones.

21st Jan 2012, 10:20
I'm an Android user and I have never heard of this app.

Could you explain what it did?

21st Jan 2012, 14:51
Basically different launchers alter what you can see on the screen. It doesn't affect the menus and folders, but your applications menu and desktop change. You can also theme them.

Go Launcher is one of those launchers, and what he is talking about was a theme that added HR Gold/Black colors and icons to the launcher.