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15th Jan 2012, 15:23
As in the title, is there a pocket secretary / e-mail some where on panchaea that can be used on the level 5 lock of the server room as I cant find one for the life of me.

Have already tried:
searchind bodies - both Zzzz & dead, under crates, on top of crates, in open cates, e-mails in computer terminals & no luck.

15th Jan 2012, 18:30
i need find all codes for hacking all doors and safes in the game.i try do alone for the platin trophy but i cant.if someone plz help i really apreciate.thanks
sorry my english but i need the codes for all doors and safes etc.
thanks again

psn id: vladspartan

16th Jan 2012, 18:41
Hey Who changed the thread title!

For safe / door codes etc. try searching bodies, crates, air ducts, computer terminals (some show up in e-mails), underground sewers. Talk to people in the game, e.g. Latisha in Detroit

Also make sure you go to e-mails / e-books page of inventory so the "new" status changes on e-mails - this will allow the code / password to show up on the relevant terminal. You need to explore everywhere you can.

As an example, check Jenson office for the password to his computer check the desk by computer terminal