View Full Version : Is there a German forum?

12th Jan 2012, 19:40
I would like to know if there is also a forum for German Hitman?
I read here with quite a while and have also been looking everywhere but found nothing.

I also run a German fan site for Hitman Absolution may link to it here?
I'm sure many here are looking for answers German.


12th Jan 2012, 19:50
No, we sadly don't have any other-language forums than this one. Most people seem to do fine in English - such as yourself. And we'd love to see your fansite, of course!

12th Jan 2012, 20:45
Many thanks for the quick reply. my English is not the best but I try to always improve.
In Germany there are very many fans of Hitman and therefore we have made ​​it our task a fanportal in Germany.
Our fansite is only a few days online.
We are still trying to make it expand, and finished.
We are trying to collect Wore carry new information together and then release them to our fanbase further.
It will also soon have a proper domain and give a language option for another country.

Here is the link to the German fansite http://gamersboom.webnode.com/

Gruss Braun82 :wave:

15th Jan 2012, 17:46
There is a German Eidos forum. It doesn't see much activity though.

15th Jan 2012, 19:21

Thanks for this link to the German forum.
Unfortunately, there really is not that busy, but this may be because it is rarely found.
I'm going to bring in there but also active and will remain here but since I've gotten used to this here forum.

I like this forum here