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11th Jan 2012, 14:34
In late December and early January, IO Interactive showed off a new piece of code from Hitman: Absolution to press from all over the world. It's all hitting from today so check out your favorite game site to see what they feel about it. We've posted some of the first stories to hit here but we've had over 110 people seeing the game in London alone this week, so expect a lot more.


Aside from showcasing the numerous ways in which Agent 47 could tackle this scenario, the demo also served to show off the game's gorgeous presentation. Hitman has never looked better; the environments were atmospheric and fastidiously detailed and Agent 47's movements looked utterly realistic.
LINK (http://www.computerandvideogames.com/331767/previews/hitman-absolution-agent-47-hasnt-been-repackaged-hes-evolved)



If my time with Hitman: Absolution proved anything to me, it's that IO Interactive isn't afraid to take bold steps with this latest installment. Whether that upsets you or not, I can say that it excites me personally. IO could've easily put out another cookie cutter game and satisfied fans, including myself, but they chose the more difficult path of innovation and that should be celebrated.
LINK (http://www.joystiq.com/2012/01/11/humanizing-a-killer-with-hitman-absolution/)


If you're a long-time fan of the series, preferring to keep to the shadows and glide unnoticed through missions while dropping the odd foe, this is absolutely possible. If you've never cared much for sneaking about in the dark and favour a more direct approach, that option is open to you as well.


the important thing to note is that it's perfectly viable to play the game in a manner that recalls the Agent 47 of old. I'd hesitate to call it a 'pacifist' approach, but you're certainly under no obligation to go all Robert Rodriguez on the local opposition. When played in a quieter method, progress seems to rely on old-school stealth staples like creeping and guard misdirection, combined with a disguise system that aims to be more realistic than the old setup, in which specific costumes almost acted like degradable passcodes to specific areas of the map.
LINK (http://www.videogamer.com/pc/hitman_absolution/preview-3259.html)


Sporting the black suit and white collar of a priest, the titular life-siphoner stealthily navigates the environment, avoiding conflict and detection whenever possible. Even when complete discretion isn't and option though, he still follows the assassins' code, silently choking-out targets and hiding their unconscious bodies in closets, freezers, and even a ball-pit located in the orphanage's play room. He also tosses a child's toy to distract a trio of goons, evades detection by crawling through a vent, and introduces an evil-doer to the pointy end of a syringe-Dexter-style-before donning his victim's clothes and carnival mask.
LINK (http://kotaku.com/5875096/get-ready-to-play-as-a-more-brutalor-more-stealthyagent-47-in-hitman-absolution/gallery/1)

11th Jan 2012, 15:49

love that new no-HUD mode!


Great idea guys, this game looks great, I like the changes, not all of them, but overall I am sold!

11th Jan 2012, 16:09
great game footage!
can't wait anymore =)

11th Jan 2012, 19:05
Puriissst mode.. nice touch IO... awesome vid ty fellas

18th Jan 2012, 18:31
I need a release date!! Cant wait!! looks brilliant!!

20th Jan 2012, 15:02
Will there be another video like " run for your life " but for the orphanage level ?:naughty: