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10th Jan 2012, 07:18
Hey people, new here.

First off, I just want to say how amazing DEHR is, against the other mainstream games these days. Its obviously a very ambitious attempt, yet it acheives so much. The few technical flaws can literally be ignored considering how polished the gameplay is. I can't remember the last time I felt that way about any title.

Given the myriad possibilities, I was wondering how you guys played Jensen on your first and subsequent playthroughs. I've just finished my third run, and I'm looking for a new play-style for my fourth. Here are my first three:

1 - Stealth Non-Lethal / Takedowns / No Weapons / Explorer / Ghost
2 - Assault Lethal / 10mm & Combat Rifle / Explorer
3 - Melee Lethal / No Hacking (unless quest-related) / Explosives (Mines & Grenades) for Bosses

I'm thinking of playing the fourth as a Ranged class with the Silenced Sniper Rifle and the Crossbow as mains, though I expect ammo scarcity to be an issue with such an arsenal.


4 - Sniper / TR, SR & Crossbow / No Hacking / Explorer / 'Naked' Jensen for Bosses (Pre-bossfight inventory is empty)

Thanks people for all the great ideas.

10th Jan 2012, 08:59
I'm on my second playthrough and sadly, I have to say I'm not doing things any differently from my first playthrough. My lasered-up silenced 10mm did the job quite nicely first time round and is doing the same thing now, plus that weapon suits my play-style perfectly.

Mind you, I am upgrading my augs in a much different order than I did during the 1st run, with special emphasis on stealth, cloaking and power generation.

10th Jan 2012, 09:46
I played it once, found it flawed in many respects (although still a decent game), and then haven't played it since. There's no reason to.

I *might* play it again in a year or two, after I've got a couple more playthroughs of Deus Ex in.

At least I didn't shelve the game permanently like I did with Invisible War...

10th Jan 2012, 12:25
[...] haven't played it since. There's no reason to.

Maybe not in terms of gameplay. I've done two full playthroughs and a few partial revisits, but the options for character differentiation and game mechanics as a whole feel totally familiar and worn out by now.

On the other hand; try revisiting some of the levels with the music completely muted. Makes the locations come alive in a whole different way, lower Hengsha & Detroit for instance.

I really can't stop admiring the set dressing on this game.

10th Jan 2012, 12:43
The locations and artworks themselves are incredibly good yes, but I don't feel like playing through again.

The missing link was pretty good though.

10th Jan 2012, 13:08
I've done two non-lethal playthroughs, the first without worrying about detection, the second, pure stealth. The novelty of not having to kill everyone was something that appealed to me. I really enjoyed DX:HR, so I am planing on playing it again, if only to have a go at playing in a lethal fashion.

10th Jan 2012, 14:47
the second, pure stealth.

Total stealth (zero encounters) on hardest difficulty and no looting of friendlies really is the most rewarding mode for me.

Non-lethal brings a welcome variety gameplay, but also really emphasizes HR's shortcomings in comparison with the original DX and for instance the MGS series (I'm thinking the lack of combat geared skillspoints, the all too modest arsenal and totally meager weapon-mod options.)

What a superior piece of gamedesign DX is in that regard. The original accommodated my particular play style to the point I was hardly ever aware of the underlying mechanics. In HR I often felt reminded of- and restricted by the system. I'm thinking constant insufficient inventory space when thoroughly exploring, heavy drain on energy cells whenever trying to be creative, lack of melee, clunky console interface, to name a few familiar gripes. Game so often told me no can do. So frustrating.

10th Jan 2012, 19:28
Mind you, I am upgrading my augs in a much different order than I did during the 1st run, with special emphasis on stealth, cloaking and power generation.

This is something that I didn't understand while playing. I saw that there were upgrades for recharging cells, but it looked like they would only affect one cell. Do they work for multiple cells or is there a reason that there are energy bars everywhere?

10th Jan 2012, 19:40
This is something that I didn't understand while playing. I saw that there were upgrades for recharging cells, but it looked like they would only affect one cell. Do they work for multiple cells or is there a reason that there are energy bars everywhere?

They appear only to recharge a single cell unfortunately. But the higher the upgrade, the quicker they do it.

10th Jan 2012, 21:12
Cool thread.

1 - "Technologist" - explored thoroughly, hacking / radar / stability / xray vision / social augs, took everyone down silently using tranq rifle + stun gun. Cried when I got to bosses :D
2 - "Ghost hacker" - maxed cloak, hacking, lifting and movement augs, went through levels without touching anyone, obsessively reread emails etc for backstory :).
3 - "Predator" - upgraded shotgun to max, cloak, double takedown, explored using jump + punch through walls. No hacking!
4 - "No-Aug Stealth" - stealth, no augs, used combat rifle if discovered.
5 - Sniper rifle for long range, heavy rifle for everything else. No side quests or hacking, just quick and direct slaughter
6, 7 - repeated playthroughs of 1 and 2.

I think my favourite playthrough is as a "Technologist". I love that you can beat the game based using augs that give you pure information, as opposed to boosting your athletic or combat or sneaking prowess. Brain over brawn :). I hope the next installment has even more cool hacking options

10th Jan 2012, 22:21
1) "Gentleman's first choice": Hacker/Explorer/Pacifist/Ghost knocking out every enemy. Tried to mix all non-lethal weapons, but then have to settle on takedowns: they're just so damn effective, plus non-lethal ammo is too scarce for "clean sweep". Knocked out 85% with takedowns, 10% with stun gun, 5% with the rest.
2-3) "Reasonably lethal": shoot first, ask questions later. Sneaked only to gain tactical advantage. Didn't shoot civilians unless they were shooting at me. Hacking level 1-2, not higher. Played twice with different weapons (tried every gun in the game for a bit). Both times abstained from the pistol -- too boring.
4) "Alginon's run": perfect ghosting without weapons and takedowns, no items and no augs. In DXHR, unlike DX1, it's surprisingly easy to do -- it looks like game was built with this kind playstyle in mind (bar the boss encounters, of course). Took me 6-7 hours.
5) First try on non-lethal Ghost playthrough with double takedowns whenever possible. I knew the game well, but still spent ~60 hours mostly preparing the DTDs and exploring every corner.
6) "Maniacally Aggressive": kill everyone the moment you see them! No cover, all man, etc. Mixed crappy weapons (SMG, shotgun, crossbow) with a lot of lethal takedowns. It was fun and pretty hard, especially wiping out the Detroit police during second visit. Too bad story NPC didn't react to all this carnage.
7) Final playthrough: going for 100% XP completion. Mostly it was Hacker/Ghost/DTD, but I had to get my hands dirty a few times (like during the Intro). Probably the closest to DX1 experience I got from the game. 80 hours.

10th Jan 2012, 22:33
They appear only to recharge a single cell unfortunately. But the higher the upgrade, the quicker they do it.

:( I should just carry around lots of food...

I saw the Pacifist trophy before starting and started going ahead on my first playthrough and then wondered if the very first part counted for the trophy. It did... and I had gunned my way through it. :rolleyes: So I gave up on it and if there were some really tough spots or if I was annoyed I used the lethal options. Non-lethal gave more XP which was nice and let me unlock a fair number of things.

I plan on trying a Pacifist run next time and also playing through the game undetected, but I'm not sure how well I'll be able to do that. I'll likely have to look some stuff up beforehand.

11th Jan 2012, 07:49
Just finished my third play-through, and will be my last time playing. The first couple of play-throughs were an experiment. Kind of have a feel for the game. My playing experinced, would be gun-blazing but with non-lethal take-down as much as possible. Didn't do any side quests on first time. Second time most of it except one. Third time, i took my time and hacked as much as i can. Did as much as i can.

As far as weapons were concerned, I didn't used the Pulse Energy Projection System(aka PEPS), nor the Sniper weapon, nor the hi-NGR Plasma Lance. Don't know why, just there's no needs to used them i guess. (sigh...i need a break), lol.

11th Jan 2012, 07:57
I had a really big pistol. I never got a real good chance to use it.

Didn't see any reason to upgrade my energy cells because all you need is the one to preform take-downs. Along with the insta-cheat radar and 3rd person cover, stealth was the natural option. It was fun and rewarding for a while.

11th Jan 2012, 08:42
Didn't see any reason to upgrade my energy cells because all you need is the one to preform take-downs.
There was a bug, sort of, when you go from say Detroit hub to a Limb clinic you'd find all your energy cells restored.

12th Jan 2012, 12:37
Nice ideas people.

I've already started my 4th playthrough as general Sniper-class, with the Tranq as my main (for solo targets), and the SR and Crossbow as the backup (where lethal force is required).

This run would also complete all 4 endings for me, finishing the my 'Proper' playthroughs. The next (5th) will mostly likely see my Jensen running around abusing his augmentations and weapons; e.g. storming the Detroit Police Station and the Hive, etc.

Can't emphasize how awesome this game is; 4 playthroughs all less than 2 days apart when I usually NEVER return to games even a second time. Really hope EM releases more DLC!

23rd Jan 2012, 15:22
My first run was mostly sneaking, leaving enemies in place. As a result I didn't explore fully. I avoided take-downs as I quickly decided they felt too much like cheating.

My second play-through was noisy, kill everyone I could (still without take-downs). I could then explore more thoroughly.

My third play-through was aiming for Pacifist and Foxiest of Hounds. I also used minimal hacking and avoided stealing money from friendlies. I felt starved of cash and ended up farming weapons.

I think at this point I stopped and play TML through four times in various styles (and making all four choices for saving the scientist/victims). In particular I got Factory Zero.

I then went back and played DX:HR using a pseudo Factory Zero style: only using the initial augs, and no weapons or explosive. I fought bosses using weapons found in their room. (couldn't manage the third boss like that.) I did use take-downs for this, because I was trying to get through it quickly.

I had a play where I tried to get Opportunist and Conscious is Overrated, so used take-downs again. I abandoned this long before the first boss, because it didn't take long to render 50 people conscious.

In none of the above run throughs have I managed to kill everyone in the police station or save Malik. I'm sort-of doing another run-though where I try to do that, picking violent choices. I've got as far as the police station and have virtually given up as its too hard and not especially rewarding. (I'm playing on a PS3; I find pitched battles really difficult without a mouse.)

I saw that there were upgrades for recharging cells, but it looked like they would only affect one cell. Do they work for multiple cells or is there a reason that there are energy bars everywhere?Only one cell auto-recharges; either any cell that's partially charged will recharge until its full, or the final cell will recharge even if it was completely empty. There is an aug that gives more cells, and an aug that makes whichever cell is auto-recharging, recharge faster.

Faster recharging is convenient; it lets you do more, quickly, without having to wait around. It's arguably a luxury but does make the game more fun. Some augs, such as Cloak and seeing through walls, take power as long as they are active, so they are effectively free to use for brief periods as long as you don't take any cell below zero.

Having more cells fully charged is useful if you need to do several things at once, such as Cloak then take-down. It also gives you longer Cloaked. The maximum is something like 7 seconds times 4 cells, or nearly 30 seconds. It also means you get fuller benefit from the larger protein sources.

6th Feb 2012, 01:05
Finished my Pacifist Hard playthrough. So happy I managed to save Faridah too. :D

6th Feb 2012, 16:31
In the middle of my second playthrough. First was stealth, non-lethal. Avoided takedowns or non-lethal weapon usage, but occasionally used them. Current play through is with the Silenced Sniper rifle as the main weapon, stun gun up close, and shotgun occasionally (I know, weird combo). Also, this play though I'd made sure I had the strength/jumping/falling augs early, unlike the first one.

I am really enjoying this second playthrough. When I play, I don't explore everywhere - once I find a path to the goal, I use it. So this time there have been several missions where I found a completely different path that I hadn't discovered the first time. I keep discovering new ways to do things; I'm sure this will continue in future playthroughs.

Playthrough 3 will be some sort of "guns blazing" type. When I'm done with that, I'll go back to a stealth character, maybe with some restrictions (no weapons?) to make it more interesting.

31st May 2012, 11:41
I'm going to go down a different path for replays as I try to make the game more realistic. Any additional suggestions towards this goal would be appreciated.

1.) No Reloads - OK, I'm not going to start the whole game again when I die, but I will stop playing for at least 30 minutes as punishment. If I get caught sneaking , I'll just have to man up and shoot my way out (or run and hide). I think having the Typhoon Aug plus a decent weapon will be crucial for this.

2.) No using air vents in guarded compounds - They're just too obvious a security flaw and would have been sealed.

3.) Keep the speed up - I imagine guards would check in with each other every 30-60 minutes. While this gives me time to complete a mission, I can't go around reading everyone's emails after a firefight.

4.) No melee knock outs - I know a guard will sleep for a while under a tranq, but who knows how long a guard who's been smacked in the face will stay down. Likely they'll occasionally wake up and sound the alarm. Best to kill them, it makes more sound but I think a silent knock out was unrealistic anyway.

Can't think of any more at the moment

31st May 2012, 18:16
Well the first run through I didn't really stick with a theme or anything. Just picked weapons and augs that I thought would be interesting. I used the pistol and revolver quite a bit, and had some fun with the PEPS and tranquilizer as well.

I found a few glitches in Sarif HQ and in the Sarif assembly lab. I'm considering doing a glitch walk-through at least for those areas. But I haven't had any luck getting the game to save and load properly with the glitches :mad2: If I can figure that out I should be set.

If not might have to go without saving for a good stretch.

6th Jun 2012, 13:41
First, was playing the game, knowing how it would go, exploring the story. I did try to get pacifist but found out I had already blew it (literaly) with the starting mission, but I still didn't kill any other foe. I did get foxiest of the hounds (didn't know it was there) and finished it at Deus Ex level (didn't even know you could switch to an easier mode until I read the description of that achievement) Ghosting all the way, loved it! Hated that first boss fight as I only had my stun gun (and as I was going fast, I hardly had ammo for it) and my un-modded pistol. I also took the modded chip at that play-through (I knew something would happen, but, hey, you've got to try everything once!)

Just finished my second play through, pacifist and the books my main goal. Missed a book though. Again, ghosting all the way. This time I didn't take the chip. And I saved Malik (but I wasn't sure if anybody had fallen off a building or was blown up by the 'bot, so I loaded again and saw a third option...)

I'm not sure exactly how I'm going to play through the third time though. I was thinking of guns blazing, but I don't think I can... I like that no-augs option somebody mentioned above, though... oh, and I'll do some things out of order... I found out in Hengsha that they even have thought about that... (I found that access card just after my landing in Hengsha)