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10th Jan 2012, 05:59
i just read this book called "The Iceman Confession's of a Mafia contract killer" this guy was insane he fed people to rats while they were still alive, killed people with cyanide, his bare hands, and supposedly killed over 250 men, he had a family and three kids and they never suspected a thing,
if you like hitmen, mafia or true crime check out this book it was a good read and if you don't like reading theirs an HBO documentary on youtube



^^parts 1 & 2

10th Jan 2012, 18:37
He wasn't insane from seeing those video's. He is definately detached, he'd have to be to live a double life for so long. The scary part is he is one of the most effective killers in criminal history, he made getting away with murder sound like child's play. For me he looks like a very old james gandofini from the soprano's though.

10th Jan 2012, 19:00
when i said insane i meant like its insane how he got away with it for so long and the things he did, the only reason he got caught was cause he got sloppy and lol yeah i was thinking the same thing he does look like an old James gandofini, its crazy how he shows no emotion what so ever and your right he would have to detach him self. you can see when he's talking some times he makes that clicking noise out of the left side of his face, in the book when he was about to go off on a rage fit and kill someone he would make that noise i would be like im out here if i was the camera man lol