View Full Version : Will "The Franchise" be featured in Absolution

7th Jan 2012, 18:23
One of my favorite parts of Blood Money was hunting down other assassins. Does anybody know whether or not the Agency's rival will return for Absolution? Thanks.:)

8th Jan 2012, 02:20
Good point, and considering it is a direct sequel from Blood Money going off the early end of E3 interviews I wouldn't be willing to bet against that.

9th Jan 2012, 00:13
I think so. Diana betrayed them in a way which resulted in a handful of them dying at requiem. They are most likely the ones who kill Diana and kidnap Victoria in absolution.

9th Jan 2012, 03:16
That does clear up any motivation for 47 hunting them down, that just leaves why he is on the run, it can't be as simple as framing him and planting evidence. 47 is about the most nomadic character I've ever come across, that'd be like trying to arrest a shadow in a dark room.

9th Jan 2012, 18:27
Theres been a couple of reports in the 2nd ARG where people report 47. One i think was Birdy and the other an asian woman. Also the cop is ridiculed for trying to find 47 because no one thinks he exists, but the cop has somewhat solid evidence that he does. Either 47 was put in a tough situation, got sloppy, or another clone framed him.