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7th Jan 2012, 15:02
Well Eidos and square enix here are just a few suggestions for Hitman Absolution.

1. If you release a demo, please do not make it the tutorial mission again. I had a friend who had tried hitman blood money's demo and I was about to talk about the game and he said. "Oh yea I played that game it sucked." We all know that no one want's a game that holds you by the tongue and drags you around, and the demo usually demonstrates the whole game.

2. We want missions that makes 47 a hitman, with no crap given half way through a mission. Flat line was great for developing a story but when it came down to it, it just wasn't a job a hitman would do. When I saw the gameplay of personal contract I was just praying that only that mission was like that and he will be getting contracts later in the game.

3. The AI in hitman: blood money was amazing. I still play blood money and have loads of fun. What made them great was. 1. You could change how they work. What I mean is if you take certain items away from them they respond in different ways. Taking Raymond's sniper away make him get onto the float and stab the man just as an example. 2. They were smart enough on pro to follow blood trails but not on rookie. This allowed new players to get a feel to the game without the AI being to difficult. 3. They had set trails to follow (until you cause chaos) if someone really wants to see where the person walks to they had to watch them, and waste valuable time. Now I just hope that you guys didn't change the AI so much I want to do this to the person beside me :wave::mad2:

4. Have easter eggs everyone knew them (most people anyway)and they were hilarious. Please keep lots of Easter eggs, they make game play funnier and more enjoyable to play with friends.

5. keep Maps medium-large and open. Murder of the crows. Awesome map big, open, and lots of choices. A vintage year, curtains down, A new life, A house of cards, and a dance with a devil. are my favorites (from blood money I loved the whole games these ones I just enjoyed the most.) Please keep maps like this.


8th Jan 2012, 02:37
If RFYL isn't the demo level I will be surprised. It was thier showcase level to reveal the game, it set the tone, and feel throughout the demo they showed, had mutliple routes, and plenty of options to mess with. and upon the exit completion on the platform i'm sure a manufactured demo could display a release date rather than a end demo slate added on.

9th Jan 2012, 23:05
I have to agree with Nogarda. I would be seriously surprised if RFYL isn't the demo level