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7th Jan 2012, 13:28
I have a major beef with the Hitman games. Although the core design is solid and encourages freedom in playing style, the SA rating parameters and the scripted events really detract from the game. I hope that the following issues are addressed in Absolution (And going by the coverage on the AI of H:A...I think they might nail it)

1. Contrived and Scripted situations: I'm talking about 'accidents' and AI routines. A guard will infinitely be on a 'Guard-Bathroom-Smoke' break...with NO break or irregular time period...he keeps on cycling to and fro. This type of AI behaviour was almost game breaking as it kinda detracted from the immersion.
Same with the Accidents....too contrived and scripted.....Once you figure it out it becomes like a simple puzzle and not a sophisticated murder sim.
Furthermore the accidents are not always 'accidents' and leave as much as a forensic trail as a regular kill (Poison in the drink, Mine to blow up chandelier)

2. SA Rating: This ties in with the above. The parameters are highly unrealistic and really narrow down the gameplay choices.

See a Silent Assassin leaves NO witnesses and NO forensic trail...this means that he KILLS any potential witnesses, suspicious people and would usually be more ruthless. He would often take a highly indirect route to assassination. But the SA favours non-lethality and minimum contact. Eliminating the other choices (Often times the best way to do the mission is very different from the usual SA path)

The parameters need to be changed.

So instead of HOW many people you killed it should be the WAY you killed them. killing people who were suspicious of you or saw you enter/leave a restricted area should be encouraged and made viable. Killing should not be a negative marker.


7th Jan 2012, 14:20
While I yes I do agree more pathways need to be open to the player for a SA Rank, it mostly comes down to the path of least resistance. I can't be certain but Absolution wants to minimise players completing the levels in under 60 seconds.

As seen in RFYL you can choke out anyone who you deem a threat to spotting you, and so long as you never killed anyone it never counted against your ranking, but in HBM you only had two knockout syringes, and causing a fistfight while killing any SA chances has the potential to spark of the entire map. Which has already been adressed as fixed.

But if you look at HBM and how SA's are achieved there is next to no variation which I believe you are getting at because there is only one method with an 80% success rate of not being caught in the act of doing something. While target patrol patterns become seared into my mind after a dozen or so playthroughs there is just the one route, and I can bet you a good 50%+ of the players that watched the RFYL demo will go the exact same route.

Also forensic evidence has never played a big part in Hitman, probably because it would leave too much of a trail from case to case, as it's just disguised with deective work as you read in the newspapers they find the shellcasings (something you should be able to pick up in personal opinion) or injection sites.

16th Feb 2012, 06:16
Furthermore the accidents are not always 'accidents' and leave as much as a forensic trail as a regular kill (Poison in the drink, Mine to blow up chandelier)
I guess, good solution for this is ability to frame up other non-playable characters on a level. So player could take their stuff and use it to kill his victim. Of course during further investigation all forensic trails lead to these characters. So the trick is to find appropriate NPC with strong motive to commit the crime. :)