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3rd Jan 2012, 02:13
Deus Ex Human Revolution - Interactive playthrough.


After noticing there are many gameplay videos of Dues Ex on youtube I decided...how can it be done differently? how could I get people involved ? what would make it fun for everyone ?

so what did I come up with ?

basicaly I decided.....not to decide, instead YOU the viewer are going to make all the decisions for me.

Everytime I come across an important decision, how to tackle the missio,n lethal or non lethal YOU choose how its played.
Should I play Long Range or Shortrange ? YOU choose the outcome aswell as how I setup my perks/ augmentations

I will have no say in how this game is setup but I will upload the videos of how I came to tackle the missions with the decisions YOU made for me

I know every time I say YOU its in capital letters and thats because its important to me to put across the point that this game will only work with your help.

So how will I choose ?
For every video I upload I will write the options as the first comments on each thread, For your decision to be valid you must "like" the option that you would like me to go with.

At the end of [insert time here] I will ignore submissions/ likes and record upuntil the next game decision.

Ok with all that said now its time to make your first choice for me :)
Please go to the youtube page HERE (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n85tr3omcto)and cast your vote :)

3rd Jan 2012, 04:31
Sounds good, I'm in. :)

3rd Jan 2012, 12:32

Part one has been decided and people chose Non-Lethal now its time to choose

shortrange or long range :)

Make Your Choice (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fjiUwXUt108)

3rd Jan 2012, 12:44
Not to be picky, but could I choose you use the actual name of the game? ;-)

DEUS Ex, not DUES Ex

3rd Jan 2012, 13:04
+1 like for the option of correctly spelling the games name.

3rd Jan 2012, 13:07
close range weapon

3rd Jan 2012, 13:36
No offence but this sounds like one of those ideas that's better in theory than reality.

Question: Have you ever played through the game before?
If not, I do hope you're planning to play two seperate games simultaniously, one for yourself & one for youtube.

And props if you'll ever reach the end of the game this way with the kind of interactivity you're proposing... cause it will take time, lots of time.

3rd Jan 2012, 15:26
haha thanks for the spelling error im terrible with words :p

Yes I have played the game and it might take a while but helll..dont matter its just a bit of fun :)

5th Jan 2012, 11:02

Ok so the vote has been cast and people chose Non lethal & Short Range for the first mission heres Part 1/3 from the first mission hope you enjoy :)