View Full Version : TR3 memory card problem

31st Dec 2011, 15:51
Hi :)

I just borrowed the Tomb Raider 3 game, but it seems that I needed an extra memory card to save the game, but since I have the first playstation console and couldn't get a new memory card, I had to borrow a playstation2 where I have two memory cards, but the game still won't save. :mad2:
I know that both things work, but of some reasson it's like, the game can't even register the memory cards :confused:
I even tried deleting some saved games in the memory cards but it hasn't helped!

Please help me, I'm very eager to play and it would mean the world! :)

31st Dec 2011, 18:15
TR3 needs only 1 save slot from memory card(stock holds 15 save slots).
And if you have tried game on different consoles this means problem is in game.