View Full Version : Steam's Weird updating procedure

31st Dec 2011, 04:32
Hi All,

Straight jumping on to the problem. I was playing DE:HR, last nite and the nite before and the day b4, that mean 3 times for quiet a long time, in steam's "OFFLINE" mode. Yeah I got it thru steam so its tied to steam. Anyways after progressing considerably until the "Montreal" part, I quit the game. After which steam started to update the game, I thot maybe a new patch or an update its downloading, but to my surprise its updating the whole 7.5GB. Now it cant be an update, seems like steam is dloading the game again?? but my steam folder size in the programfiles shows its containing the DE:HR files. So wtf is steam doing? Coz i simply cant play the game now...

Any Ideas?