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29th Dec 2011, 22:15
I have recently attained the game "Dues Ex" and although it is a good game... i am worried some of the weaknesses will spill into "Hitman:Absolution"

for example:

1) when trying to pick up an item that can be used right away you are not allowed because you don't have enough space.. BUT I WANT TO USE IT RIGHT NOW YOU STUPID MOTH#$$@@@!!!! :mad2:

2) the crouch button is L3... not a good idea.. i am constantly tapping L3 by accident because i'm 'moving' or running... switch crouch with run or something... unless i am the ONLY person having this problem...

there are more but i would like others to respond and add... Dues Ex is a game designed by some of the same programmers.. and Hitman will have a lot of the same attributes... so people if you there are certain problems you have with dues ex please express them here .. thanks for the q & a's :):flowers:

29th Dec 2011, 22:44
It's "deus ex" goddamnit :rasp:

30th Dec 2011, 01:06
thats the danger of organizing your pockets in to a grid based structure.

4th Jan 2012, 04:35
It's "deus ex" goddamnit :rasp:

at least i didn't say... "Do Sex" or "Due Sex" which is exactly what i think of everytime i play the game... it kinda freaks me out actually :rasp:

i just beat the game ... i like the ending video a nice 'life lesson/s' for all :cool:

i just upped' the difficulty and plan to try all of the side missions...

the first time i did it i wasn't able to upgrade all the way :(

so i want to make sure i maxxxxxx him out bro' to the extreeemme :D and then drink some mountain dew and ride my surf board off a cliff :lmao:

if there will be any side missions in 'hitman' could you just make them manditory?? or have a setting for do all side missions... because in 'deus ex' or 'do sex' you can just ride right over the side missions and ignore them... i wanted to do them but just rolled through it, but i would like to do them in order maxing out the potential missions/side missions/proxies :naughty:

there were a few times i wanted to 'dive' like as i was running away from enemies... like run and dive behind a box... or run and roll into a duck position...

thanks :wave:

4th Jan 2012, 14:58
I am not sure if you can max all your upgrades. But at least to get close enough, you need to hack a lot. So don't forget to upgrade hacking first and hack everything:D