View Full Version : Hitman Absolution support DX11 / Tessellation ???

29th Dec 2011, 02:51
Hello All,

Will Hitman Absolution support DX11?
If it does support DX11, what may we expect for enhancements? Tessellation, etc...

29th Dec 2011, 21:41
I would say so. Apparently all the trailers so far are real time and the gameplay video looks like dx11. I remember an interview with cloakworks saying that absolution will have the newest version of shroud, which may require it.

13th Jan 2012, 03:50
Consoles are only in DX9, so what you see for demo's and videos is in DX9, The "Game Developer" will have to make a patch for the PC gamers!!! Console developers have a 10 year cycle for the consoles witch are only right now in DX9, I think thats a bunch of BS, so "Next Generation" in gaming for Multi-Platform games won't be here intill 2014, that is sad! Desktop Computers are going forward and the consoles are staying with there out dated hardware! The "Game Developer" is going to have to do something for the PC gamers!!! Intel's products are out already witch are LGA 2011 Socket, X79 Express Chipset with the proccesors, I plan on getting this set up when the 22nm proccessors come out in April of 2012, AMD as an 8 core proccesor out already, you see these company's do not play around when it comes down to hardware also the New Graphic Cards are on the way to, there are people that bought this set up already! "Where's the consoles at MicroSoft and Sony!!!