View Full Version : iOS: Spider Tomb - Bridge to Level Exit - Bug?

28th Dec 2011, 00:19

The walktrough says:
"When it explodes, the roller detaches and comes barreling toward you. Immediately run to the end of the bridge or to either side and hang from the edge. The roller will pass safely overhead."
I have tried it this way many times but there is no way i can survive it!
Has anyone passed the bridge on iOS so far?
Bug or my fault??

20th May 2012, 05:06
I'm having the same problem.:mad2:
Did you manage to find a solution to this?
Thanks in advance! :wave:

20th May 2012, 05:32
Oh, never mind. I vompleted the level by shooting the TNT barrels above the spiked roller which somehow launches into the air. Kept running and jumping forward under it as it passed over me. This took quite a bit of trying but succeeded! Ugh

Gotta say, controls on the iPad are a bit wonky but what do you expect? :o