View Full Version : Any mods for Blood Omen 2?

25th Dec 2011, 00:08
I was just wondering if there were any mods for Blood Omen 2. Changing character model, choosing outfit, debug weapons, etc.
Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

27th Dec 2011, 00:30
This is the easiest way at the moment. I always meant to port the AR2 codes over to PC so they could go in a trainer, but only got as far as getting bonus mode to work without disabling the UI. (That reminds me, I never did post that fix.)


27th Dec 2011, 03:02
er...I think someone beat you to it Vampmaster... and a while ago (2007 by the look of it). The BO2 Control Station (http://www.thelostworlds.net/Software/Blood_Omen_2_Control_Station.html) is about as good as it gets for BO2. Though it perhaps doesn't have the functionality that Scrambles is looking for.

27th Dec 2011, 10:36
The page I posted already has a link to the control station. My point was that it's all just modifying some sort of config data that's loaded before you start the level as opposed to letting you switch it on and off mid game.

27th Dec 2011, 21:47
Yeah the control station works fine, but its a shame that you have to disable the user interface to use the bonus mode. Makes it next to impossible to choose your dark gift. But it's still a really cool program :thumb: