View Full Version : Need Help !

Bier Baron
19th Dec 2011, 18:04
When i am playing BP i can´t see any water. I tried all graphic options without any success. I´ve got a AMD Radeon 6900 HD Series. Windows 7 i7 Quadcore. I have installed the newest graphic driver. I NEED HELP

4th Jan 2012, 16:55
It might be due to a directx error or probably your GPU overheating. Google GPU-Z and download the file. Temps of 60+ should start to cause issues. Also try to reinstall DX11 if the GPU functions normally. Let me know if that works then we can look further into this. Also visit www.BSMmodHQ.weebly.com and visit the Contact Us form. I am mailed directly from that site so we can work this issue more directly if you prefer.