View Full Version : when is confrim release date for this game ??

18th Dec 2011, 13:01
I can't wait for it , I want to know when is confrim release date for this game,please confirm release date for this game and for every this fans game !!:o:o

PS. I'm thai so I not sure I type this thread down and every one can't read it so if anyone can't read it ,please tell me you can't read it. :(:(:o:o

19th Dec 2011, 10:36
It's 2012, it can be next month, it can also be in dec 2012 as they have just said 2012 is the year of hitman :/

19th Dec 2011, 14:25
Next year. 2012. They're not going to rush it out and give a crappy product. Doing that can cause a bunch of problems for developers. They would have the lose some $$$$ and possibly even pull the game off the shelves if they did that.

It's better to just wait it out and get a finished product with no issues.