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16th Dec 2011, 18:12
hi! I am new to the forums just have some burning questions lol.

So i loved Blood Money but the only thing which let it down was that you could not do any unarmed takedowns like splinter cell for example. Or 007 bloodstone style. Will hitman absolution have this abilty to do awsome takedowns?.

Also my last question is in the other hitmans you had big levels to explore and go wherever you like. Like in blood money the new life level :). [I loved that one] Will you be able to go wherever you want in the levels in the new hitman?.

Cheers man

16th Dec 2011, 19:22
The use of things such as disarming and other abilities has been mentioned in interviews. I can go dig up that interview if you want. It's on google.

I too like the "New Life" level. From the trailers so far, I'm going to predict that these levels are intended for being large, no worries there. :)

The concept of choice is everything in these games. You can almost do anything you want. If the area is available you can usually go there. The concept of choice also covers everything else such as combat. Whether you want that to be stealth or action, is your decision.