View Full Version : Wil the ending of blood money relate to absolution?

16th Dec 2011, 04:51
At the end of blood money, Diana has reinitiated the agency and the game closes with 47 entering a chinese establishment,

wondering if absolution will refer to these events

17th Dec 2011, 17:43
unfortunately i doubt it :( theyll prob do what splinter cell conviction did and completely ignore continuity for the sake of a "more personal" story

17th Dec 2011, 19:27
Absolution is basically linked to Blood Money and the story does continue from there. Due to the new direction of the story though you don't need to have played the previous games to understand this one.

This was done to help with bringing in the wider audience. Any new players joining the veteran community and having Absolution as their first game will be able to follow the story without confusion.

18th Dec 2011, 10:39
i hope they do that was one of the bigger questions of blood money, and how does he go from that group to his present situation. if it can be rounded uop and away in a mission or loads of little side stories hidden throughout the game that would be interesting.

18th Dec 2011, 16:34
Well supposedly Absolution will be his "most personal contract to date". Obviously he gets betrayed in some way. That's where the personal journey begins I'm guessing.

18th Dec 2011, 22:46
I wonder if those criminals in the vga trailer were related to the Franchise at all

19th Dec 2011, 02:02
I don't think any trailers would be put up and not related to the game. Kinda pointless.