View Full Version : Any plans on releasing Hitman Absolution on PS Vita

15th Dec 2011, 21:09
Is there any plans on releasing Hitman Absolution on PS Vita..From what I saw and read about the PS Vita is that its really a powerfull system. EAs Matt Prior said that the Fifa 12 on PS Vita uses the same engine as the PS3 and even said u wont notice any difference between the PS3 version and PS Vita version. That pretty sais Alot about the handheld and i'd be suprised if it couldnt handle Glacier 2. And also its releasing 22nd February to the rest of the world and surely Absolution will come a while after the PS Vita launch. Thats why im wondering if there are any plans on releasing it on PS Vita..Maybe first looking if the handheld will be a success? But I will Definitely buy it on PS Vita if it comes out for the handheld:)