View Full Version : Please make the soundtrack as dark as the game

14th Dec 2011, 18:32
The soundtrack of all Hitmans were VERY good..Especially Hitman Contracts because of how dark the tone is and the soundtrack fits in with the game and makes it very special..Please make the soundtrack for Absolution unique just like the other Hitman games..Thank You:)

15th Dec 2011, 13:56
After seeing run for your life the music is not a concern for me as the finale of that gave me chills at how epic and badass Hitman is, and the sound cues during the levels where great. Unless you are refering to the menu's or the next 'Ave Maria' for the game it all depends on where the games overall direction is taking the series as it may take the class and style hitman personifies with his classic suit and tie along with the the most appropriate tone as previously mentioned as to the direction the series will head in future.

So far we've mainly seen a very aggressive hitman so if it persues that path I sense a good chunk of bass and good use of drums being a bit more promenent than previous titles.

Be interesting to se some unique diversity though if Hitman does indeed start traveling all over, but that seems to be more minimal if the story is more persuit and tracking if it's on a smaller timeline than previous games, though hitman was never restricted before, its most likley there is some jason bourne influence in the game somewhere in terms of movements,

15th Dec 2011, 15:00
The tunes I've heard so far were awesome.

15th Dec 2011, 19:39
Yeah well the soundtrack in the gameplay was good, even though it was a more action packed soundtrack which definitely fits in with the mission. All im hoping for is that the "silent missions" where you are after other targets are very good. One thing i hope is that in other missions there are not so much talking. I mean u can barely hear the soundtrack, there are too many voices:scratch: the soundtrack for Hitman Contracts was so good in missions like Beldingford Manor and Traditions of the trade, that i stopped while playing just to appreciate the soundtrack..It really fitted in with the atmosphere. The part that i really enjoyed in Traditions of the trade is when u walk into the entrance and the music begins to play while the rain sounds lowers. I just hope that they keep it that way or top it:)