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12th Dec 2011, 07:01
This is not going to be a rant, this is a calm, considered post about my feeling towards Absolution as they stand now.

No David Bateson. Disastrous. I don't care how good his replacement is, he won't be 47.

No Vivienne McKee, equally disastrous. Again however good her replacement will be she will not be Diana.

The possibility of Diana being killed. Really? Are you trying to alienate fans here. Killing off the only other constant character in the serious after 47 is just a cheap way of trying to instill some emotion into the storyline. Of course we don't know for sure it is her being killed, but it seems like a logical deduction at this point. EDIT: It seems it is Diana according to posts on one of hte other forums. Not impressed.

So an faux 47 and a faux Diana who may get killed off, not a good start.

Gameplay wise it seems ok, suitably stealthy most of the time but it seems like the action scenes and killings were unavoidable. I'm hoping it isn't but I've taken pride in killing only my targets in every mission in every Hitman game to date. If I can't do that, then that is another strike against Absolution in my opinion.

No Jasper Kyd, a crying shame, I only hope his replacement can fill his boots.

At this point in time I have little interest in picking up Absolution, characters and story are more important to me than gameplay so the issues with character voices are big problem for me, as is Dianas assumed death.

I am not making a final judgement until I have much more information, and I may wait for spoilers to come out in case Diana's 'death' is faked or it isn't her or whatever. But it isn't looking good, and I don't say this lightly as someone who has been playing the Hitman series since 2000.

I'm posting this not to whine, but in the hope the developer might take notice of some thought-out criticism not more knee-jerk 'omg this sux u r terrible' comments that tend to dominate these sorts of discussions.

Edit: You know what, nevermind, Diana is dead, 47 isn't 47 anymore, I'm done, sorry Eidos/IO but this isn't a Hitman game anymore.

12th Dec 2011, 13:04
I share your concerns but...

I still have hope :)

12th Dec 2011, 13:32
As a loyal fan I support this game. I will definitely be getting it.

12th Dec 2011, 14:10
So, for you, a loyal fan = blind fan ? :/

12th Dec 2011, 14:44
I have a different perspective to what a loyal fan is. I see what you guys are concerned about.

But being a loyal fan I believe that you should support the game no matter how it is. BE LOYAL. Don't pick at the game and complain about every little thing.

12th Dec 2011, 15:06
I have been a loyal Hitman fan since 2000, but this game is looking increasingly like it is going to disgrace the franchise. I will reserve final judgement until I start hearing things from people who play it on the possibility it all makes sense in an intelligent way. But I am not particularly hopeful.

Believe me I hope I am mistaken, but at this point in time it looks like my loyalty will be rewarded (I use the term loosely, I don't think IO/Eidos owe me anything personally) with a game that is not a fit sequel to a series I love.

12th Dec 2011, 15:26
For at least 8 years now I've been a loyal fan. I don't intend to miss out on this game.

13th Dec 2011, 10:26
In reply to your first post, we read everything that's posted on these forums regardless of the opinions expressed. We prefer the constructive criticism but you're welcome to express your opinions however you wish as long as you're not breaking the T.O.U.

I'm in a fortunate position where I've seen more of the game than what has been shown off so far and I am personally confident that the game is going to be able to deliver a core Hitman experience but I don't expect you to take my word for it. You will have certain things that 'make' the Hitman experience for you and nothing will matter until you see them. Fair enough, I'm the same.

I've had the same feelings - as I'm sure many people have who have such experience and passion for a series will have experienced as well. There have been products that I've had concerns about when they were first announced but in the end it is a waiting game. For perspective, I spent a lot of time with the SSX series from 1 through 3 and had my own concerns when I saw the announcement material for 'SSX: Deadly Descents'. I'm still waiting but I've seen some of the features that 'made' the series for me and I'm not that worried now.

There is a heck of a lot more to come from Hitman: Absolution and I am hopeful that along the way you will get more and more excited. Beyond that, please continue to let us know what you do and don't like.

13th Dec 2011, 12:45
Everyone apprehension comes from the david bateman and jasper kyd no longer being apart of it. it's like saying david hayter isnt voicing solid snake as an example. Personally not all that bothered. So long as that mini-sandbox with ever so slightly varied ai patrol times is there the essence of hitman prevails the sneaking is vastly improved the options are there run for your life appears to be an extremley linear affair but then so was the abandoned circus in blood money. I will be 110% happy seeing the very first 'hit' demo'd get in, kill your target, hide the body, get out' those are the levels that get replayed the most, i don't even touch the linear stages after i've got all the weapons and any related achievements. it's the st. petersburg's , new life's , vineyard style mansions with 4 different entrances, with a further 4 entry points and multiple kill options. enviromental kill options are by far the best though they seem to be rare or hidden options. Hitman seems to have a humourous obession with chandlier kills. I hope you end up going to some big fancy building and in the foyer is the biggest one 47 has ever seen. I can already envision his eyes welling up with joy dropping a colossal chandilier on his target XD sneak in place mine... retreat knock out delivery boy... ding-dong! ... package for mrs. X she needs to personally sign for it... dumb guard goes to fetch her... bang, 3 guards and target dead XD lol.

14th Dec 2011, 18:32
I agree with the OP, the game will NEVER be the same (even close) without Bateson alone, not to mention the absence of Kyd followed by Vivienne. But being a (blind) die-hard fan of the franchise, I surely will buy the game... knowing it will never be the same with all those voids. From a gamer's perspective alone; I hope they will come up with a gripping story (like SA). But then again, for once I hope this game fails to make an impression compared to it's predecessors & THAT make the 'bigwigs' up there realize where did they *beep* up.. : A loyal fan.

14th Dec 2011, 22:51
I'm a diehard fan of the franchise and even though I'm a little bit skeptical, I know I'll still be buying the game. I just hope the devs do the series justice.

However I do agree with OP in the fact that without Kyd, Vivienne and most of all Bateson, it just will not feel like a traditional Hitman game. I really don't like the new voice for 47. It's incredibly jarring. Also I hope that Diana is not killed off, she's as important to the series as 47

16th Dec 2011, 04:24
I've played since silent assassin and love the series! Played every single hitman and replay them every couple of months. Personally I'm super excited for this new direction. It feels like an evolution to me. Yes the original foundations which made the series great are still important, but to see how the series expands its universe and gameplay structure will be amazing. I love how the game is moving away from the trial and error of previous games, it'll be good to just be fully immersed in the experience.

As for the death of 'diana' and 47's character development, I think its far to early to tell.

personally I have faith in the guys from IO and cannot wait to see how they did the story. While the stories from the previous games have been great, they felt like they lacked a little coherency, and absolution looks like its going to fix this.

I think the new instinct mode, the new controls with fiber wire and the upgraded gun mode( a much needed feature) will make the game so much better.

I'm going to preorder this tomorrow.
IO thanks so much for putting in so much effort into this, recommending to all my friends. I only have one question, will we be seeing Absolution before the middle of next year? I hope so!

18th Jan 2012, 19:36
I am really happy with everything new in Hitman absolution. Yes the actors have changed and the composer but as long as they do the game justice i'm happy for change. I think the main reason i love hitman is because you could play the game however you wanted, i also love the improvised weapons (shears from BM my favourite). Only one thing i'm concerned with is I havnt seen any open world levels, but i'm sure they have to be there. Been playing hitman since silent assassin and it's my favourite game series of all time!!!

20th Jan 2012, 13:09
As long as the stealth system stays awesome (which has been confirmed now a billion times by the different reviewers) I will be happy.

I am not happy if Diana gets killed, but stealth is way more important to me.

Want this game. NOW!