View Full Version : Illegial augmentation chop shop door code

5th Dec 2011, 21:09
In Tindall's apartment on top floor from roof there is a level 5 lock, any ideas where the code can be found in game. I know the codes are available on line but would like to find the pocket secretary / computer that has it.

5th Dec 2011, 21:13
Between the building left of the Police station and the overpass is a section that's boarded off. Use nearby containers to hop over it (or maybe you can make it with the enhanced jump aug, don't recall) and you find the code on the body lying there. Sad story. :(

5th Dec 2011, 21:44
got it thnx
you can get over there without springy legs, just stack 2 metal boxes on top of dumpster & hop over
Is there a code for the internal level 2 security door?

6th Dec 2011, 16:33
location will be fine.