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4th Dec 2011, 20:46
Which tombs are your favourite in Tomb Raider?:cool:

For me:

Tomb Raider 1
Tomb of Qualopec. I love the puzzles of this tomb.:scratch:

Tomb Raider II
Ice Palace. It's too freezing and very enjoying the battle with the yeti.;)

Tomb Raider III - Adventures of Lara Croft
Temple of Puna. It's very short but the tramps are very cool.:nut:

Tomb Raider - The Last Revelation
Inside Menkaures Pyramid. The part of the Pyramids... I love it very much. Watch out with the giant scorpions!

Tomb Raider - Chronicles
The Labyrinth. A very scary level and a very difficult labyrinth to explore the first time.:conf

Tomb Raider - The Angel of Darkness
The Vault of Trophies. The Room with the 5th Obscura Painting and the Skeleton of Lux Veritatis is very cool.:cool:

Tomb Raider - Legend
Nepal. I love all the level: Enemies, environments, puzzles...;)http://www.skribblerz.com/tr/Legend/trlnepalngz16.jpg

Tomb Raider - Anniversary
Tomb of Khamoon. I love all the egiptian temples of this level.:rasp:

Tomb Raider - Underworld
The Underworld of Xibalba. The Giant spiders, the rooms of the challenges and the eitr of the midgard serpent. All is very very cool.:flowers:

4th Dec 2011, 20:55
I disliked the Vault of Trophies :o

5th Dec 2011, 07:07
I loved the Xibalba tomb, although the trap rooms should have been bigger IMO

9th Dec 2011, 23:18
I loved AOD vault of trophies and TR III temple of puna! I don't know why but I really enjoyed AOD, but it did freeze a lot.

11th Jan 2012, 08:29
I loved AOD vault of trophies and TR III temple of puna! I don't know why but I really enjoyed AOD, but it did freeze a lot.

I agree. I enjoyed playing AOD and got through it pretty quick but the bugs were rather annoying. That and the "I'm not strong enough yet." lines were frustrating too.

11th Jan 2012, 19:12
I've always judged tombs on their beauty, so all my favorite tombs/temples are from the next-gen games :P

Nepal. The looks on the outside were great, and the chamber with the buddha statue looked magnificent. This + the amazing soundtrack make this level my favorite of all times :D

I think the Coliseum. I really liked the isolated feeling it gave me.
Thailand. Thailand is my favorite country, and the temple with the 4 buddha heads was a copy of one of the entries to Angkor Thom in Cambodia, which is my favorite temple city :D

But I like every temple I see in TR really. the temples and antiquities are one of the reasons I like the series so much :D

15th Jan 2012, 00:53
My favourite tombs are Palace Midas in TR1 (for some epic level design), Catcombs of the Talion in TR2 (for it real scaryness), Vault of Trophies in AOD (for being cool and mysterious) and King Arthur's tomb from Tomb Raider Legend (For that wonderful feeling of depth).

15th Jan 2012, 23:21
To me the best tomb raider is Angel of Darkness and i thought it was quite interesting to play another character besides Lara. Kurtis was pretty FREAKN' AWESOME! (and there were definately sparks btween them 2) My fave level was probably "La Serpent Rouge" bc it had cool music playin in the background. And loved the level against the prototype nephilim while playing as Kurtis.

TR Chronicles was awesome too! CONFUSING! but awesome. I loved playing the little girl Lara level. BEST! and it was creepy and kept me interested ;)

16th Jan 2012, 14:02
My Faves In This order:

TR 1:

St. Francis' Folly & Obelisk of Khamoon.

TR 2 :

Great Wall, Opera House, Barkhang Monastery, Floating Islands & The Dragon's Lair.

TR 3:

Jungle, Temple Ruins ,The River Ganges ,High Security Compound ,Area 51 ,Thames Wharf, City & Antarctica.


Angkor Wat, The Tomb of Seth, The Lost Library, City of the Dead, The Great Pyramid & Inside The Great Pyramid.


Streets Of Roam, The Colosseum, The Submarine, 13th Floor, Escape with the Iris & Red Alert!


Bolivia, Peru, Japan & Kazakhstan.


Midas's Palace, Natla's Mines, The Great Pyramid & The Lost Valley.


The Path to Avalon & God of Thunder.

14th Feb 2012, 13:24
I love all the Egyptian tombs for the decor and St Francis' Folly for the level design.

26th Apr 2012, 14:49

Atlantis (because of environment and Bacon Lara xD)


Barkhang Monestary (I loved the oriental feeling to it!)


Nevada (The environment is kinda peaceful (take out drunkards, dogs, snakes, and voltures xD) and I like going through a wide open desert like that. And the atmosphere is very soothing! It's almost like a homely level to me :) )


Coastal Ruins & Temple of Horus (The horizon in Coastal Ruins was to die for! And the battle with Set was epic! Ending was sad though :'( )


All the Ireland and VCI levels (I loved the survival/horror part in that game, saying I'm a fan of horror and I like the thrill of trying to get through without weapons ^_^. And the VCI levels are so high tech and I really love high tech levels!)


The Bio Research Facility and all the Kurtis levels. (The Bio dome had a very neat atmosphere and horizon, despite most of the plants trying to kill me xD. And I'm a big fan of Kurtis, no need to explain why I like those levels ^_^ (Okay, well one of the reasons is because it's scary and I like scary xD))


Japan (I love Japan in general, no questions asked xD)


Final Confrontation (The battle with Natla was pretty fun :) )


Thailand (The environment and horizon were the most exquisite out of all the horizons I've seen in the game! Like I said, I love the oriental and exotic theme :) )

I haven't played the DLCs so I wouldn't know them just yet :/