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2nd Dec 2011, 18:49
Hello there (this thread is also in the PC discussion section, but im kinda desperate, sorry) ,

now that arkham city was released i decided it was time to purchase its prequel arkham asylum. so i went to a store and got me the standard retail edition (ergo not goty or download). When I start the game it runs perfectly, but: It won't let me save my progress cause it cant/dont want to connect to Windows Live. I patched the game manually, installed Windows Live (3.5 btw) like 20 times (just as I did with the game itself (I did an Admin installation as well)). Still, Windows Live just wont do anything, its like its not even there (though it is! not just installed, it's actually running)
When the game starts there's just the "Press Start" screen, and as i press Enter it tells me Windows Live is not running and no progress will be saved etc. Additionally, POS 1, the Live button on my gamepad or the Live Button in the game's main menu (which shows up when i quit gameplay) have no effect, either. I've tried to run it while disabling the firewall, still Live is non-functional (ports would be open either anyway)....ergo i cant save my progress and i don't intend to have a 20h gaming session
and additionally, i actually can connect to Windows Marketplace (created an account as well), so it's all the more surprising (in my opinion at least) that Live doesn't work....
I might emphasize again: i purchased the game legally, so there shouldnt be a problem concerning this issue...

I really hope you guys can help me, the time i was able to play the game i got the impression it kinda rocks (without saving it kinda sucks though).

PS.: no native speaker, so be gentle

PPS: Windows 7 64 bit