View Full Version : Missing Link - Ghost Smooth operator bug?

1st Dec 2011, 14:46
[some minor spoilers below]

I have played and replayed the first few chapters of Missing Link. I have had a good time playing but seem to have found a bug. I have received the Ghost/Smooth operator bonus for all chapters on board the ship. However, when the last shipboard chapter completes (in the bio-scanner) I am told by "????????????" that my actions have set Rifleman Station on full alert. When I arrive the robots are activated and all soldiers are in an "alarmed" state.

I have watched a play-through of this section and I know there is another dialogue that goes with a successful Ghost/SO completion of these chapters (It starts "You are quite the ghost..."). But I get one that stays I have set off an alarm which means I could not get the G/SO bonus???

Does anyone know what I am doing wrong? Can I even attempt to get G/SO for remaining chapters if the base is already on alert?

1st Dec 2011, 17:07
I am pretty sure the game doesn't look at anything else except the number ghost ratings to determine if the base will be on alert. When I tested this situation it was pretty straightforward: 1 ghost or less = alarmed, 2 or 3 ghosts = not alarmed (SO's don't matter).

It looks like you've encountered the same bug as in original game when decisions (i.e. story-related variables) made on previous playthrough somehow carry over to a new one. The only way to ensure this doesn't happen is to delete the save game directory before starting a new game.

If you don't want to restart, don't worry, you're not missing much -- just some flavor dialog. The sole noticeable difference between alerted and non-alerted base is the activated bot and 2 additional soldiers near the entrance -- everything else stays exactly the same.