View Full Version : Missing Link Save File Location

27th Nov 2011, 23:12
Where can I find the savefiles for the Missing Link DLC on Steam?

28th Nov 2011, 16:09
If you're asking because you want to back them up: No need, as long as you have SteamCloud enabled, they're on Valve's servers.

If you're asking because you want to share them: They should be in this folder: ..Steam\userdata\<a string of numbers, each account has its own>\201280\remote\

The way to know which number to look for once you're in your account's directory is to either look on the Steam Store page for the game in a browser and look at the number after /app/, or look in the desktop shortcut for the game (steam://rungameid/<thenumber>)

28th Nov 2011, 22:14