View Full Version : can I change my difficulty level mid-game?

23rd Nov 2011, 21:40
I am at the 1st boss fight and I can't beat him. I've read the pointers on how to do this, but at my current difficulty setting, it is just too hard for me. I don't know what my difficulty level is. Is there a place to change the difficulty level once I have already started playing the game, or do I need to play the game at the beginning again?


23rd Nov 2011, 21:50
Yup, I think it's under "gameplay" and then near the bottom of the sub-menu. I'm on my second play through, and I've been going down to "tell me a story" for the duration of the boss fights because I really couldn't be bothered with the repetitive struggle. My weapons are light, and I tend to play stealthy, so I'm no match. You lose certain trophy achievements by changing the difficulty down, but then that doesn't really matter :)

23rd Nov 2011, 21:52
You are not alone brother, I had long considered doing the same due to an uncontrollable frustration. In the end, I said "one last attempt at hard" and sure enough, the game finally let me have a win on the house. Spyhopper is totally right though, it's under the gameplay tab in the pause menu.

23rd Nov 2011, 22:18
A cursory perusal of the Options menu would have yielded your answer within the time it took you to navigate to this forum...


23rd Nov 2011, 22:51
He went the long way, and the view was better. :P

23rd Nov 2011, 22:54
He went the long way, and the view was better. :P
The view is always better when I'm around. :cool:

24th Nov 2011, 00:25
thx guys. I did look, just not hard enough. :p

24th Nov 2011, 00:54
Not a problem. Feel free to post if you need help with anything else. Now that this has been resolved though...