View Full Version : Why have they replaced everything?

21st Nov 2011, 18:29
First David Bateson as the voice (in fact he was surprised himself and said that IO wouldn't answer his calls any more).

Then Diana has a "closer relationship" with Agent 47? Let me get this straight: now their professional connection gets romantic? To be more cliche and American action movie-styled?

Diana's voice is also replaced, but that's not an issue i suppose.

Only taking place in the US? Why not include other places just like in previous games?

Instinct mode could be a nice feature, but i fear it gets it too dumbed down.

Save games are replaced with checkpoints? Wow, like playing a platformer.

Jesper Kyd is also replaced? Why?

And as far as i've read this game will be using a little bit different approach to game mechanism as a whole. Is it because to be more playable on the consoles? So they get things dumbed down.

Any reasoning behind all this from Square or IO?

21st Nov 2011, 18:58
They want to hire popular hollywood voice actors, so they could probably also use them in the 2nd movie. I guess there has been some changes in the leadership of the company and thats why they are starting to produce **** and make **** decisions.
It's probably because SQUARE ENIX is involved now..

21st Nov 2011, 19:22
Will you guys stop with the SE bashing already, it's getting old, mkay.

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