View Full Version : Hangar 18 {possible spoilers}

19th Nov 2011, 17:15
There is this achievment "Hangar 18". Don´t know what it is.

When you´ve met Megan and go to the hangar to help the scientists escape
there is a room you can reach crouched. You find a computer there which is security 5 level.
I tried twice to hack it as I did not have any automatic unlocking devices left.

What´s so important on this computer. I was sooo curious.

19th Nov 2011, 19:54
Apparently information on Adams past. Some has said he is Alien. I myself don't know since I had no more ammo and had to run past the crazies to avoid being piled... :^(

19th Nov 2011, 22:47
Good old google. http://deusex.wikia.com/wiki/Hangar_18

20th Nov 2011, 00:09

22nd Nov 2011, 06:45
Another easter egg. Hangar 18 is the legendary hangar at Nellis AFB aka Area 51, that can be seen with google earth and Russian satellite photos. It's a massive hangar, rumoured to contain a secondary entrance to the underground complex beneath Area 51.