View Full Version : stone plate

18th Nov 2011, 13:03
:mad2:south mexico stone plate for other calendar...where is it??? someone please help, TRU for xbox

18th Nov 2011, 14:21
You can drive to it. It's to the left/right from the entrance of Xibalba, depending on where you've been already.

18th Nov 2011, 16:09
i've been all over. to the left,right...is it hidden on ground or on a pillar? I did 1st calender,been to court yard and the only 2 other palces. killed everything searched all over. clueless!!!

18th Nov 2011, 17:13
Are you looking for the skull or the leopard(?) head?

If you're looking for the skull, go to the entrance of Xibalba, turn around and you will see that you can go forward. You'll come to a temple, kill some men and pumas, enter the temple and it's inside (after you pull the grapple to push the boulder on the floor, the floor will break, and you'll have to climb down to get it)...

If you're looking for the leopard head, you have to go to the first temple at the beginning of the level...

Hope this helps...

I also suggest using Stella's Walkthrough (http://tombraiders.net/stella/tomb8.html#walk) if you get stuck...