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18th Nov 2011, 07:40
Hi Eidos.
First off; great game, I really enjoyed playing it, until this happened...
We don't have much internet each month, and playing Arkham Asylum has been using up internet, so I decided to first log in, then disconnect the internet to keep playing.

Unfortunately, when I reconnected the internet to save my game, the next time I went to play it my game reset to the beginning, showing Batman bringing the Joker into the asylum.

At 80% completion, this really bugged me. Is there any way I can recover my game? Or will I have to do it all again? I've still got my points on LIVE, but the save file ingame has gone.

:( Any help at all would be appreciated!

30th Nov 2011, 09:39
I came across your query while looking for the same answer -my computer shut itself down & crashed my game at about 80% completion too; I got a 'corrupt' entry when I tried to load the game. It wouldn't work, & I have been waiting for an answer.
I managed to get a previous save back -it was 70%, but it beat replaying from the start. It might work for you, so, here's what I did. (I'm running Windows 7; apologies if this doesn't work for your version. I don't know much about computers.)

If you installed your game the usual way, it should be under:
C-drive > users > (your main/log-on name) > my documents > Eidos > Batman Arkham Asylum > Save Data > e000009a00000001 (maybe another name -no idea what this name means) > Save0 (or Save1, etc.; whichever game slot you had going)

RIGHT-CLICK FOR PROPERTIES (on the particular Save file)
Click on the 'Previous Versions' tab > there should be a list of previous dates & saves -choose the latest one & follow the prompts

I hope this helps, or that you find an alternative.
Good luck!