View Full Version : End of Mission rewards/statistics

16th Nov 2011, 22:42
Here's the thing...at the end of each mission is a set of rewards, for example during the very first mission I ghosted all the guards outside the warehouse...when I entered the warehouse I received Getting Things Done (200xp) and Ghost (500xp) rewards. However, when I finished ghosting through the labs and finished by talking to Malek to exit the rooftop I only got a Getting Things Done (200xp) reward...but I'm sure I ghosted throughout...nobody noticed me or became alarmed. Does this mean that Ghost isn't available as a reward for that mission?

Is there some wiki or walkthrough which details what rewards are available? I've already looked at deusex.wikia.com plus the ign and gamespot walkthroughs...they don't say what rewards are available. The only thing I can find are which missions Smooth Operator is available/necessary for the Foxiest of the Hounds achievement. Anyone know if there's a list of the missions and what rewards are available?

Is there a log file the game keeps which lists what I earned for each mission?