View Full Version : HR Multiplayer server attacked by D-Dos

15th Nov 2011, 02:44
A server called Otherworld exists, which is basically the testing ground for Human Revolution Multiplayer maps/mods.

Sad to say, it was attacked by a "severe" D-Dos attack this last week. The attack most likely came from an existing community member rather than a Human Revolution fan, I should hasten to add, but nevertheless this is disappointing.

On a more positive note, due to the success of the Cozmopolis RPG mod for DXMP, we have decided to create Lower Hengsha city in one online RPG map, using the DX1 SDK. This will be a massive city map, where players will be able to join factions, shop, work and get paid, use transport systems, rent a hotel room or buy a house and carry out missions.
It is likely we will create as much of the game locations within Hengsha as possible, while also mapping out areas seen in the game that were out of bounds. This project will run in conjunction with the existing DXMP_HR project, sharing assets and improvements to both games.

If people are interested to support a multiplayer RPG which is Hengsha city, please do come on board. No experience is necessary with SDK, as there is so much to be done in all areas, although for those wishing to learn more about SDK, we'll support you all the way as much as we can. There's no current limit to the number of people that can be involved.

check out the Human Revolution multiplayer page: http://www.moddb.com/mods/deus-ex-multiplayer-human-revolution - A map pack of 4 maps with Jerion's music and some very cool weps is about to be released.

Also check out the DXMP_HR forums: http://www.deusexmultiplayer.freeforums.org