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Olgerth Heidern
14th Nov 2011, 16:34
I know there's a ton of them out there already, but when I started playing, I couldn't find one that gave me the breakdown "just like I wanted it". So here's my take on spending Praxis for fun and profit.

I'm breaking it down by opportunity cost. As in, if you don't get this aug, you will miss out on stuff. And overall usefulness of course. In each category I'm listing them from the most important to the least important.

1. ASAP Augs

You have to get these ones online before you even think of spending Praxis anywhere else. Otherwise you risk missing out on rewards or various aspects of the game.

Hacking 2, 3 - your first two Praxis points (which you should have after completing the first mission) should go there and NOWHERE ELSE. Not being able to hack up to level 3 is an enormous penalty that you will feel as soon as you return to Sarif HQ. With all the extra XP points, hints, credits and viruses that you obtain from hacking everything in sight, these augs pay for themselves several times over.

Move/Throw Heavy Objects - Vents hide behind heavy stuff. And sometimes heavy objects make excellent stepping stones. And all those traveler/pathfinder/trailblazer bonuses are TASTY. And that turret that would otherwise detect you and steal your Smooth Operator bonus can be picked up and put in the corner - because it has been a VERY NAUGHTY TURRET - rendering it harmless even if you can't hack it.

Punch Through Wall - because it is badass. And, well, because weak walls hide nice things. Yes, you can knock the weak walls down with gunfire and explosives, but you can't instantly strangle the guy behind the said wall. And the first worthwhile weak wall appears in Detroit early on.

Carrying Capacity 1, 2, 3 - because everything is huge, stacks are small, and leaving things behind sucks. Even a gun that you will never fire can be sold for tasty, tasty credits. That said, this aug is a disgusting Praxis sink: the game basically says to you - either buy it, or miss out on a good chunk of stuff that doesn't fit into your pockets.

Jump Enhancement - because a lot of times you won't be able to find a stepladder.

Social Enhancement Aug - Because it's nice to have an "I WIN" and "GIVE ME MOAR" buttons for conversation battles. You can do just fine without it, mind you. However, the chance to milk CASIE for extra rewards first appears during the side missions in Detroit early on. Considering that you don't have much at that stage, extra rewards are extra nice. If you are hard up for Praxis, CASIE can be skipped, but the longer you wait, the more things you miss.

2. Important Augs

Once the ASAPs are taken care of, start activating these. The longer you hold off, the more things will be closed off to you.

Icarus Landing System - the first time you get a chance to use it for fun and profit comes up early in Detroit. You can do without it, but you really shouldn't, because falling off things hurts. On the other hand, majestically descending from heavens and stunning everyone around you for free rocks.

EMP Shielding (requires dermal armor) - some enemies love chucking EMP grenades at you, but more importantly, there are electrified floor areas that would be closed off to you if you don't buy this aug. You can find your way around those, but as you probably already know, if the game is trying to prevent you from going somewhere, there's something tasty on the other side (at least a Traveler bonus).

Dermal Armor - all levels - since you are buying the EMP shielding, you have to buy into the dermal armor tree anyway, so might as well max it out. You will get shot at. Even if you are Drunken Master Ninja Man. You can hold off on buying it for quite a while, but the first boss will teach you that a squishy cyborg is a dead cyborg.

Energy Level Upgrade 1, 2, 3 - Whether you are playing with an Energy Regenerator script (as I admit I am), or doing it legit, a bigger gas tank is nice, though not critical. Most importantly it lets you eat all those energy packs and jugs that would otherwise consume the precious inventory space. Plus, you'll need this once you buy Cloak (if you do).

Hacking 4, 5 - You won't find super-hardened terminals for a while, but the hardest ones hide the best prizes and biggest XP bonuses.

Implanted Rebreather - same reason as EMP shielding. There will be gas grenades, exploding extinguishers and leaky valves. Fortunately, they come along less frequently than electricity and EMP. Still, gas is annoying enough to warrant protection.

3. Convenience Augs

These ones don't make or break the game, but they sure make AJ's life easier.

Wayfinder Radar System 2 - great improvement to the radar for sure, but in the overall scheme of things can wait.

Smart Vision - everyone loves a bit of spider-sense. You can get by without it, but with it, you definitely gain an edge on the enemies. Just remember to turn it off before it eats an entire cell.

Sprint Enhancement - you will be doing a lot of running around, especially if you are like me and like doing side quests. Whatever gets you from point A to point B faster is good for you.

Hyper-Oxygenation Lung Aug 1, 2 - Sprint longer.

Reflex Booster (AKA Double Takedown) - it's a great aug, but not essential.

Cloak 1, 2 , 3 - Stealth is perfectly possible without this aug, so you can hold off on it as long as you like.

Flash Suppressor - Ignoring concussion grenades is nice.

Turret Domination - Comes in VERY handy every so often (a hacked turret equals a homing gun / shield with unlimited ammo), but not often enough to warrant any kind of priority.

Typhoon 1, 2 - Great for wrecking bosses and bots, but there are other ways to deal with either. It's a fun aug though.

Hacking: Stealth 1, 2, 3 - Buys you peace of mind while hacking. On the other hand, if you are obsessive about hacking, you'll be swimming in viruses before long, so you can buy said peace by nuking nodes and stopping traces.

4. Questionable Augs

These augs are barely worth anything. Only activate them if you took care of everything above and need a Praxis sink.

Hacking: Robot Domination - controllable robots don't come along nearly often enough and, unlike turrets, they follow set patrol paths and are a lot squishier.

Silent Running/Sprinting/Jumping - you can buy this and spend energy running them, or you could, you know, just crouch.

Hacking: Analyze Addon - WHY?? If there is a datastore on the network, you should grab it. There is always something useful in it.

Hacking: Fortify - Why waste time fortifying nodes when you could be capturing?

Cooldown Timer (under Retinal Prosthesis tree) - if you spooked the enemies, do you really need the game to tell you precisely how long it'll take for them to chill out?

Recharge Rate Upgrade 1, 2 - Only REALLY makes sense if you are playing with an energy regenerator script. The difference between base Recharge Rate and fully upgraded Recharge Rate is 20 seconds total: upgrades eliminate the initial 10 second wind-up before a cell begins charging, and then further 10 seconds from the actual charge time. Generally, if you have to have energy RIGHT FREAKING NOW, it's easier to gulp down an energy bar; otherwise, not having to wait an extra 20 seconds is hardly worth 2 Praxis.

The entire Stealth Enhancement tree - all that Praxis spent to be told how noisy you are (crouch?), or where the enemy is looking (look at the radar?) or to mark and track enemies that will soon be dead anyway (why?).

So there we have it. If you are reasonably thorough, you should have enough Praxis points to nail down at least all the ASAPs and Importants some time by the second go-round in China. After that, it's "pure profit".

14th Nov 2011, 16:51
hmm.. You should probably describe the play style this is meant for. For example Dermal armour and EMP shielding were pretty much worthless to me when I was doing my Hacker/stealth run. And Recharge rate 1 & 2 were extremely useful once I got into the habit of using cloak in bursts to not fully drain a battery. And cloak was _extremely_ useful in getting through tight spots without being spotted.

And not being spotted means not being shot (or having grenades lobbed at you) means that dermal armour is less effective.

There is no definitive guide to augs. There are only guides to playstyles.

Olgerth Heidern
15th Nov 2011, 03:13
Bosses spot you 100% of the time. And electrified floor electrocutes you 100% of the time.

Really, if you want to be contrarian just for the sake of it, come up with something more solid. Or, I don't know, use your CASIE :nut:

15th Nov 2011, 04:12
I would rate the heavy lifting aug lower. You can just use a shotgun to move heavy objects out of the way.

15th Nov 2011, 10:17
Bosses spot you 100% of the time. And electrified floor electrocutes you 100% of the time.

Really, if you want to be contrarian just for the sake of it, come up with something more solid. Or, I don't know, use your CASIE :nut:

All electrified floors can be avoided and all bosses can be defeated without using combat augs.
Are you saying that because there are bosses everyone should play the game the same way?
If you're so concerned about bosses spotting you then rate the typhoon much higher.

Your guide only works with a certain style of gameplay. I'm not being contrary for the sake of it I was pointing out that you should describe the style you're going for because your suggestions are 75% wrong for the style of play that I went for in my first run through.

EDIT: i'm not trying to say your guide is bad, I'm trying to say that no guide can cover every style of play and you should state what style this is meant for.

15th Nov 2011, 12:04
About that Icarus Landing System... how exactly does the stunning part works? When I fall down it just lands silently and no one is falling down stunned. Pressing of buttons? Something I have missed to upgrade? My version of the game just sucks? (the last one is a quite the irony..)

15th Nov 2011, 12:10
About that Icarus Landing System... how exactly does the stunning part works? When I fall down it just lands silently and no one is falling down stunned. Pressing of buttons? Something I have missed to upgrade? My version of the game just sucks? (the last one is a quite the irony..)

On the PC, hold down fire whilst you're falling.

15th Nov 2011, 12:26
Thanks mate! Now the game got 20% more entertaining (since I fall down alot and may now have something to do during fall). ;^)