View Full Version : Keypad Number code for Sarif Bldg Sec Level 3 after hostages...

12th Nov 2011, 08:08
Hi. I am not so good yet at the hacking mini-game and cannot get past the Security Level 3 double doors
after the hostages have been found dead in the Sarif Assembly bldg. (So Sorry...)

I've looked at all the cheats for both the named codes and the number codes in the game but cannot find a number code for this doorway access.

Does one exist? Or is this door the only one that no one knows the combination for as I did not find it on any of the Purity Terrorists.

Please tell me the code if someone knows.

NOTE: This keypad has no number sequence! You must hack it and be darn good or your progress is blocked.
If you are having a problem here like me I suggest you read the manual and other info on hacking and keep practicing.
When I get through the door I will report back. You can also view the You Tube videos on this area.
Thanks, Bill

Continue to the assembly server room, where you'll have to perform a manual hack

| DS R | Every hackable system has its own unique node grid with several
| v / | types of nodes. Click the in-game help button while hacking to get
| v / | an accurate description for each node. Your main goal while hacking
| N1<<<IO | is to get from your IO (starting point) to the Registry. You will
| \ ^ | sometimes want to make a detour to Datastores, which contain rewards
| \ ^ | such as credits, XP, nuke viruses or stop! worms.
| N2 |
|_________| This system doesn't have any Datastores, so your goal is simple:
Stay undetected as long as possible, and get to the Registry as
quickly as possible. Move to N1 and capture it. You can now either fortify it
(just for fun) and do a detour via N2 (which you can also fortify) and also
fortify your IO. Of course, you can also just go straight for the Registry.

Head through the door and wait for the doors on the other side to open. In the
next hall, another four Purists are patrolling the area, so we'll have to
figure out how to effectively take them out.

Source: http://www.cheatmasters.com/blog/2011/08/30/deus-ex-human-revolution-walkthrough-guide-2/#ixzz1dYCuDAiF