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7th Nov 2011, 14:33
Hello there. Long time lurker and fan of series here. I was in doubts if to post and share the following, but one shouldn't leave goods only for oneself ?

I do not know if you guys have heard wonderful Icarus remix by youtube user MrNeyus (http://www.youtube.com/user/MrNeyus) But when i instantly heard it I wanted to share it to friends, but why just stop there, so I had to make a video attached to it to promote the game to my friends, who still hesitate buying it.


I only made the video edit [on HD]. All images, clips and scenes are taken from the game itself. I claim no rights on other people's work.

And if you like the clip, please drop by to the authors original link at at here (http://youtu.be/F3-7rAFsjSo) and encourage him to do more of the good work. This far I've made handful of my friends thinking taht maybe afterall they should add this game to their steam accounts. :D