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7th Nov 2011, 01:21
I'm HUGE Hitman fan and i hope there will be NO Spyware programs (like EA Origin [Battlefield 3]) or other "must install to play" programs like they ruined Mafia 2 with Steam...............

Or otherwise i have to say no to this awesome new game :(

7th Nov 2011, 04:28
That **** is incredibly invasive. They look at every file on your computer. I'm not one to promote piracy, but when you go that far, it's hard to sympathize with them.....

7th Nov 2011, 12:52
i don't promote piracy either -.-

If you don't know it already EA Origin (can) save (and saves what i know) EVERYTHING WHAT you do with your computer and send those information to EA (EVERYTHING)

Steam will only save every games you play and send em to VALVE (i don't trust that company either)

These spyware programs ain't helping to buy games^

I have never downloaded an illegal game in my life i just leave those games for stupid people to buy :)

8th Nov 2011, 07:35
every hitman game that i have ever play and owned was payed for by my hard earned coin.

i use steam just because it is convenient. ea origin, IDK because my pc is such a hunk of crap that it wont run games that utlilize current technology anyway.

still lack of DRM or anything of the like for this upcoming game would be greaty appreciated, since i will be playing it on a console anyway.

not to say that that cant be pirated either, but i think you get the point.