View Full Version : 'Augmented All-Star' Act 6 DX:HR Basketball

7th Nov 2011, 00:49
Act 6 of the 'Augmented All-Star' series.


Please enjoy :)

7th Nov 2011, 17:28
Wow, how many tries did the bin one take?

7th Nov 2011, 20:23
*haha* That was sweet. Doing ball tricks with explosives.. Two things went through my mind. In that part of the city, the inhabitants must be really on edge, and doing something like that IRL - ha!

Locutus of BORG
7th Nov 2011, 20:47

may the madness never stop

8th Nov 2011, 12:21
The bin shot took about 10 tries, (I've gotten really good at exploding in a perfectly straight line).

I lol'd at the comment about the inhabitants being on edge. In the earlier videos, I tried to put in clips of NPC's looking at me like 'what the hell you doing?' (like the Hobo in Act 3). It would be seriously mental if you saw someone doing this down the street IRL lmao!

Hopefully, I'll get around to making Act 7 at some point. It's just I have other stuff to worry about and I don't know how long my internet is going to last.

Thanks for watching :)

9th Nov 2011, 19:16
The inhabitants are saying silent prayers like "Please dear Eidos Montreal, Please make the basketball avaiable for other cities than Detroit."