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7th Nov 2011, 00:00
I believe the one thing DX:Invisible Wars did right, was having a new character, while meeting our old self in the game.
I think that if there's more story for the same character, should be done in DLCs mini sequels (around the time length of DX:TML 2 hours & DX:HR 7+ hours).
Time based on my playthrough recording time, not reloading gameplay time. :)

While the next part should be a new person & his/her own DLCs.
Just try to make the DLCs connected to the original.

So it won't be weird to suddenly change to JC Denton when we reach his time again. :)

Whether or not its Jensen, I wish that Augmentations are changeable.
I don't mean choose 1 than change it. I mean, when we choose something, there's a physical change.
Like how Tong change his arm from cold skeletal metal to flesh coloured arm.

Augmentation damage Limb dmg
Limb damage from the original DX:Conspiracy
Imagine, ur arms get dmged & u need to repair them or replace them entirely
Another use for our large collection of credits.

Types of arms
Melee - Like Jensen's current one
Range - Like Barret's (range takedowns) silent or noisy type weapon of choice?
Inentory - Extra slot for special items (weapons included like mini crossbow) Maybe to make quick shot & hide ur gun in 1 click.
While having another gun with holster button ready.
Combat - non-indestructible doors / boxes

Punch through walls now includes doors

Type of Eyes Limb dmg
Smart Vision - X-Ray (life stats, if they decide to bring back limb dmg)
Sensor Vision - Heat vision + Night Vision
HuD - Shut down ur sensors buddy, close those shades being optional.

Type of Legs
Acrobatic - Jensen's current
Combat - Robocop slot (so arm can choose something else)
- non-indestructible doors / boxes

Let it reflect ur progress of Augmentations.
If u got cloak & enter a cinematic with it activated, show him de-cloaking.
or if u close ur Shades show it activating when entering the Cinematic or vice versa.
This way its just effects on a fix cinematic, no need to have absolutely new cinematic for each probabilities but if u want to, that will be cool too.

Melee Weapon Slot
If we're bringing back melee weapons for both the player & NPCs.
Give an extra slot like the grenades, whatever melee weapon we're holding we can use it to manually destroy boxes or doors

Melee Weapon Takedowns, we'll see melee weapon takedown style.
So even when holding a sword, u can still KO them. Choke them by the blunt end or hit by the hilt. :)

More acting folks. Have a place for fans to give ideas than u decide which sticks.
- Push a person off a rail on ship environments. not on land, because we don't want people below to notice.
Consequence, any pocket pager is lost. :D
- Different floor level takedown.
Once, I was on the lower floor by few inches with no obstacles blocking.
I can't takedown the guy above when he could have stab or pull him down.
- Crouch takedowns, so no weird sudden stand up takedowns.
- Rush takedowns, same takedown but quicker if we run up to them.

Genders / Kids / Animals
Female regular baddies??? :)

This is entirely up to u. make them invincible may annoy some people.

Miss them cats, rats, dogs, birds, lol

The Missing Link had it made with it.
There's still a good chance to make different type of Bosses, like heavily Aug people are immune to some things
Like surviving 1 bomb at most with stun effect.

Boss can resist Takedown but still able to do so under proper conditions like Namir

Augmented NPCs Limb dmg
Yo, pop quiz:
what happens when dart hits metal?

Make those sacrifices of theirs matter.
They cut off their arms & legs for a reason, to be better than regular Joes.
Yet they still get tranq the same, when got shot at them.

Meeting your past life
What I like about DX:IW
was when I met JC, it was awesome.

Sure u met Tong & the others, but that's normal in any other game.
When u meet ur past self, that's something else.

Just don't make Jensen look weak like JC in DX:IW
Better still, no fight to the death with them.

Roll out the Carpet
I can so imagine being shocked when watching Adam burst through a wall where we're passing by for whatever reason.
"You're alive???"
so much question wanted answered, what happened in Panchaea, etc.

If there's a part where we choose to go against him or whatever made us have to tackle, it can go both ways.
Either we catch him or he catch us, neither of us dies.

If he catch us, than he'll give an advice before throwing us down.
If we catch him, he manage to slip away or "silver tongue" us, lol ;)

So if we win, he gives in & hope our choice is right. Remembering the reason he blew up Panchea in the first place.

Cinematic outcomes
If there's a cinematic after a combat like Barret, make the beginning differs to what we do in the game.