View Full Version : can't seem to fiugre out how to use grenades

5th Nov 2011, 22:05
I hit the number that corresponds to the grenade slot and left click and nothing happens...in fact, the gun in my hand fires instead. Is there a specific button that I push exclusive to grenades to throw them and set them off? Also, regarding long range weapons like a dart tranquilizer gun, is there a button to use a scope and focus in on the target? I can't seem to aim properly. Noob in Utah

5th Nov 2011, 22:34
'G', if I remember correctly... For throwable objects

Why not go to Customise Keys menu and browse the bindings?

5th Nov 2011, 22:42
I checked the manual for what seemed like the 5th time and sure enough, it shows right in there, 'G' for throwing grenades. Thx!

5th Nov 2011, 22:52
Weapon scopes/sights are assigned by default to your middle mouse button (button 3) for weapons that have them.

7th Nov 2011, 03:50
awesome, thx for the help. what about reloading my weapon, is there a button for that? If not, that's lame-o. But I still love this game so far.

7th Nov 2011, 03:54
You really need to goto options settings keyboard and bind the keys that you want. Is this your first PC game? Key binding has been a main stay of PC gaming for the past 15 years. The default bindings have some serious problems which will prevent you from being more competitive in multiplayer games...for example the default WASD keys for movement make it very difficult to quickly go from moving forward and left to backward and right at the same time...most players using the default bindings move in just the 4 compass directions and very easy to predict their movement.

Do the smart thing and design a key binding strategy that allows you maximum independent movement and aiming...it's what you will use for the rest of your gaming activities should you keep up with PC games.

8th Nov 2011, 00:21
Ok, thanks for that info, but I know that information. There is no option on the keyboard configurations to assign a reload button. Can anyone tell me if there is a button to reload my weapon with?

8th Nov 2011, 01:40
'R' for reload

8th Nov 2011, 01:45
thx, man. I'll use that button then.