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5th Nov 2011, 04:35
Hi folks,

I've been doing a ton of game reloading while doing some weapon testing (http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?t=123175). Relative to past games I have played, it seems sort of unpredictable, how quickly a saved game will load.

In all the games I've played in the past, savegame reload time seemed to depend on the total complexity of a given level. But in DX3, I think it must be something else. I'm in the hangar of TYM penthouse (after the penthouse showdown with Zhao), and loadtimes here are incredibly fast, maybe 2 seconds. Versus very much longer in, say, the Youzhao district of Hengsha (maybe 10 seconds).

I am defining "zone" here as, a load screen... a place where the game has you wait as it loads the next zone/episode/whatever you want to call it.

There is a lot of gameplay between the "zone load" when you first enter TYM base, and where you finally exit with Malik. It includes several elevator rides in TYM. But there are also elevators that clearly aren't doing anything special relative to the framework at large, such as in Omega Ranch or Hengsha Harvester hideout.

Is it possible that DX3 somehow scales "more distant" stuff so that it's "out of the picture", even though in the same "zone"? One goes through an elevator just before getting to the TYM penthouse hangar... maybe that made it be so far from all the rest of TYM, that the rest doesn't matter?

Just curious, thanks if you can share insights! - RK7

5th Nov 2011, 05:00
Deus Ex uses streaming loading, so yeah, it's normal. When you are in the TYM hangar, you can basically go to the huge room just before Zhao office, or the hangar. Others possibilities require elevator and loadings are happening while you are inside.
Same thing when there is the decontamination room with the alarms in the first level and in Singapore or in the subway or underground area in Detroit. Basically, everytime that there is an autosave, there is loading in streaming.

I think that the scaling of zones are more about keeping things separated in an AI and items ways. If they would have wanted to have no load screen between outside and inside environments, I think it would have been possible but I might be wrong.
Not quite sure, but it seems to me that you could even travel between the two districts in Heng Sha by the sewers without loading screens.