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4th Nov 2011, 02:42
I really liked this game .... best game I have played in 10 years. Almost as revolutionary as Mass Effect 1

Thank you for making a game where I didn't have to kill everything in sight.

I wish the devs had spent another year on this game ..... now this story is pretty much used up. The ending was a little lacking for such an otherwise cerebral game.

I would have changed quite a bit .....

I would have made it that when the Zhao links to the machine she sends 100s of robots and mad soldiers to kill you. They surround you and when she gives the order to finish you nothing happens. She gets furious but is unable to do anything because someone is already in there ...... Kazan who promptly spits Zhao out like the trash she is.

You then have a long conversation with Kazan who tells you what she thinks of the whole situation and what it is like being an AI.

She then tells you she is connected to every single single camera, the mind of every single aug and every computer on the planet. Based on this infomation she sees a 100 percent probability of the mass chaos coming in the near future and that she has the knowledge to lessen it though a series of missions that Jensen can do

4th Nov 2011, 06:24
Almost as revolutionary as Mass Effect 1

Please, someone kill me! :lmao:


4th Nov 2011, 09:43
"Almost as revolutionary as Mass Effect 1"
Lol. Mass Effect was good, but it is in no way one the best games I've played in the last 10 years.
Anyway, I think most people agree with you, great game, but Panchaea and the endings were rushed.

4th Nov 2011, 16:58
Please, someone kill me! :lmao:


Sorry, laugh at ME1 if you like but in many ways it still stands its ground. ME2 was inferior in many ways, superior in others.

Besides The Longest Journey, ME1 was the first game I ever played that told a cinematic story that was compelling.

Did Dragon Age do that ..... IMO it was so horrible IMO I couldnt even choke down the first game
Did ME2 do that ..... almost as good as ME1 but a much weaker story
Will ME3 do that .... almost certainly not IMO
Did Crysis 2 do that ...... I think not
Did Batman Arkham Asylum do that ..... in a different way but YES
Did Oblivion or Fallout 3 do that ...... not even close
Did New Vegas do that ....... almost
Did the Witcher 1 do that ..... yes pretty much
Did the Witcher 2 do that ...... tried heroically and failed IMO
Do any of the FPS shooters do that .... none that I know of.

Also the (illusionary) feeling of commanding your own ship and exploring the galaxy still hasn't been bettered. In ME2 you were the IMs *****.

4th Nov 2011, 17:11
I think for a game to be 'revolutionary' it really has to stand out and do something innovative.

Mass Effect...was a lot like Knights of the Old Republic.

4th Nov 2011, 17:17
I think for a game to be 'revolutionary' it really has to stand out and do something innovative.

Mass Effect...was a lot like Knights of the Old Republic.

You may be correct as I never played that game .... bought it, but my PC was too crap at that time and couldn't really handle that game. Ended up giving it away.

I did play a little and also wouldn't call it cinematic IMO

4th Nov 2011, 17:48
Didn't play ME1 much, but I finished ME2 twice.

ME2 is just schematic cut-scene corridor shooter with soap-opera like dialoges. Nothing special for me.

5th Nov 2011, 01:57
Mass Effect was one of the best games released in the 2000s. It really was revolutionary.
As for the ending seeming rushed, it did sort of. I mean all of a sudden Jensen was confronted with the possibilities on how to proceed. But it would be great there were more dialogue. Like having Sarif page you or something.