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31st Oct 2011, 00:40
Well, it is hard to believe, but it has finally happened. I am finally tired of the standard challenges in this game.

Then I hear an internet rumor that there are additional challenges I can download for the game even before AA comes out...now that is cool.

So where do I find these DLC's and how do I install them? (Keeping in mind that I could never get Windows Live and BMAA to play nice...)

Thanks in advance for your assistance with this. I am looking forward to new Batman challenges..after you guys help me overcome the challenge of finding and installing them!

31st Oct 2011, 14:45
I'm pretty sure that I had to download them via Windows Live. I'm not sure if there's any other way, but I didn't have any trouble hooking up to GFWL. Are you just having connectivity issues, or account issues? If the game is trying to update you just have to wait it out and eventually it will successfully update.

31st Oct 2011, 22:36
Finally got BMAA and Windows Live talking, AFTER I had found the Villians Challenge Map in the market place, paid for it, downloaded it, and then installed it. But even so it does not show up in my list of challenges.

When BMAA and Windows LIve began to co-operate, I could no longer access the games saved under my non-windows ID, but I don't care. Playing BMAA with Windows Live is kinda like playing with a friend in the room rooting for and congratulating me...so far it really does enhance an already pretty cool experience.

I am just starting a new game. I know the pre-installed challenges only show up when you find trophies, but what about the downloaded challenges? When should I expect to see those? Cause even though I am FINALLY playing under a Windows Live ID, no challenges have been unlocked at all.


1st Nov 2011, 08:42
Ok, so now I tried downloading and installing from within the game...worked for the free DLC, but NOT for the DLC (villians challenge) for which I paid....wtf?

I have now paid for and downloaded it twice, still no joy, but a search of other forums
shows I am not alone...looks like an unresolved issue with GFWL. Oh, well, I didn't pay MUCH for nothing, but I still paid for nothing, and that is annoying.:eek:

1st Nov 2011, 13:30
Are you sure that the DLC you paid for installed properly? I know that the DLC only shows up under the "Downloadable Content" menu option, and not the Challenge Mode. You have to look in the separate place. The stuff that you unlock during the game shows up in the "Challenge Mode" section. Hopefully I'm giving you the correct names, it's been a while since I've played Arkham Asylum religiously. I'm currently fixated on completing Arkham City, so sorry if there's any confusion.

Also, part of the reason that you have nothing unlocked is because GFWL uses your account to change saves. I believe your old offline save is still on your PC somewhere, but according to GFWL your account doesn't have a saved game, and thus it makes you start over. I don't know for sure, but I'm guessing you can find some posts on the forums here which explain how to transfer your offline save to your GFWL account.

1st Nov 2011, 16:30
Thanks for the tip about the offline profiles, but like I said, I no longer care about them...if I find them, I will delete them just to save the space on my PC.

I am annoyed by the villains challenge though. I am looking in DLC and according to GFWL, it installed properly. The other one, the free one, is in DLC, but the villains challenge is not.

1st Nov 2011, 17:19
It seems that you have been caught out as well codefinger.

The Villians Challenge map does not work and for reasons unknown it remains unfixed, if you wish - read this on the official site. (xbox - GFWL section).

1st Nov 2011, 22:46
Thanks chazzie, I had seen that disturbing conversation which is how I knew I was not alone in this issue.

Curious, though, has ANYONE with a PC managed to get the villains challenge map to work?

2nd Nov 2011, 00:31
Yeah - it did work once, I bought it on release and it worked then. About five months or so ago it just vanished out of the game and nothing has brought it back.

At least I did get to play it which is more than a few unlucky people (like yourself) that just paid for it and can never play it!

For the record - if you did read that link, I'm ChazEm so I do know a little about it! :(

3rd Nov 2011, 23:06
I have the exact same problem.
Has anyone got a solution?

29th Nov 2011, 22:32
@#$%^ got me again!!! Tried to download and install Crime Alley, everything says it works, but it does not show up in DLC!!!


4th Dec 2011, 22:33
Maybe you should buy the Steam GOTY it has all the DLC included.

6th Dec 2011, 23:25
Turns out it is this frickin' Windows Live stuff....see I have separate identities for games and Zune and I never know when to use what. My gamertag in on area is OpenRainbow8 and in another it is OpenedRainbow8...I was trying to make them the same when I had a chance, missed it by one letter! To make it worse, I am also known as codefinger@cox.net and codefellow@hotmail.com.

So I started a new game under the OTHER gamertag and found Crime Alley waiting for me in the DLC, then I just had to add Insane Nights and Nocturnal Hunter to THAT gamertag and I am good to go....never got the Villian Challenge, so be it.

SHEESH! Having fun should NOT be this much WORK!