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30th Oct 2011, 18:14
This would be a new scenario, new playable character, and possibly new game mechanics or a whole campaign! The sky is really the limit here, but I'll focus on just a simple 1-2 hour scenario with a new player (stock model, maybe a new skin).

For modders, I don't know if this is possible. I hope so, as there are a lot of great mods for the original Deus Ex. If not, this could be DLC.

In this scenario, you play as Pam, Sariff Industries' human resources manager. Using the conversation system and some simple "find quests" that involve exploration and shopping, you must resolve a few HR issues and organize a pot luck dinner. That would literally be the extent of the scenario--an office simulator.

Since Pam is not augmented, there's no hacking (though you could find passwords by other means) and combat is inadvisable. Where it could get interesting, though, is if the player has the option to become augmented at a LIMB clinic. To accomplish that would require extensive exploration and dangerous stealth/combat missions, because it would take a lot of found items to save up enough credit. New locations could open up based on mission progress (Sariff asks you to visit the Detroit manufacturing plant to help screen job applicants, Pam takes a vacation in Shanghai, and so on). You could play all of these missions straight, or a creative player could do it combat-style.

On a more ambitious scale, there could be cross-pollination between the main story and this scenario. Maybe Pam is at the manufacturing plant when Purity attacks. Maybe, if a player goes through all the trouble to get Pam augmented and complete missions combat-style, it could come to Sariff's attention that Pam is a badass--so he fires Jensen and has Pam replace him. (The only limit I see here is voice acting and cutscene animation.)

I see this, though, as an alternate POV in a world where the same major events occur. It would be like Half-Life: Blue Shift, only much lamer and funnier. I would strive for real authenticity in the depiction of office life.

30th Oct 2011, 18:17
Much lamer than Blue Shift.

Sound like a great game :D