View Full Version : Issues with GOTY Edition on Steam

24th Oct 2011, 19:56
So, I've installed the game twice now through Steam. It tells me I can't do anything without logging into Windows Live. I do that, and it says an update is required. I try downloading the update, and I get an error. So, any time I've put into it, my progress is not being saved.

Also, when I view the Steam menus they are quite blurry. The mouse cursor in the intro screens is blurry as well. The first couple of splash animations (not sure what the first one is, the second is an NVIDIA ad, they both don't show at all). I've updated my Video drivers so no idea what's going on there.

I just bought this game and I want to play it. But I don't want to have to start from the beginning over and over. Any/all help would be greatly appreciated.


25th Oct 2011, 21:02
So, I figured out the display problem, but I can't get the Windows Live login to work. Keep getting network errors. Anyone see this before?