View Full Version : Deus Ex Human Revolution AMD

24th Oct 2011, 07:48
I recently bought a new PC that came with a brand new AMD Phenom II X6 Processor and I couldn't find the code for the free copy of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Can anyone please help me?

24th Oct 2011, 07:59
I believe this is something you will have to discuss with the company that sold you the processor.

24th Oct 2011, 23:59
Wow, seems like I would have gotten the game for free twice - once with my AMD CPU and once with my AMD graphics card.
Funny thing is: I already bought them about a month ago. Instead, I was given a stupid racing game that I can't even recall the name of (and that I couldn't even download because the link in the GPU box was only a 404 - I could care less)... But then again, I already had about 80 hours of fun with my physical Augmented Edition :)